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Hi guys,
    My last post was an update on my journey so far. I got a lot of comments from friends and family who saw the pictures, about what I did to grow my hair so fast. I was a little taken aback because I felt that was modest growth but people seem to think I have done very well in 15 months. The basic question is "How do I get my hair to grow as much as yours has done in such a short time?" I have to explain that everybody's hair grows, its retaining the length that is a problem for most people. To be honest I know there are people who do nothing at all and still have great length retention but I had to work a little hard to retain the length that I have. Here are 5 things I do and here's hoping they help you too:

 Moisturise and seal as needed.
This is a no-brainer right? But its still so hard to get it right. I try my very best not to let my hair get dry because dry hair breaks! Its that simple. I found a moisturiser my hair loves and I use a heavy whipped S…