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Hi guys,
    My hair has been through a lot of manipulation these last couple of weeks so I decided to give it a well deserved break. I had been dreaming of crochet braids for a while but I was a little hesitant because of how my last crochet braiding went. Remember? It took over 6 hours and was so heavy I had to remove them almost immediately. All in all I was desperate to put my hair in a protective style so I manned up and tried my hands on crochet braids once again. This time it was a lot better, faster and lighter. The reason? I used a bigger bobby pin and I used a different brand of Marley hair.

I used this Marley braiding hair from Supreme. It was really light. I used one and a half packets:

The Marley hair was too long for me. I wanted medium length braids so I had to figure out how to trim them without getting those annoying blunt ends. I asked a hairdresser and she told me I could cut the braids and then pick them out. That is, after cutting the braid you start pulling t…


Hi guys,
   I finally got tagged for something *wide grin! I was tagged by the lovely Ifeyinwa of Love, Ifeyinwa  and I am really excited to  let you all know a little more about me.
Here we go:

1. I am a huge fan of SpongeBob Squarepants. Its my daily obsession.
2. I cant drink milk. I find it nauseating. I eat my cereal dry.
3. I am not a morning all. I do most of my chores at night so I can sleep in.
4. In spite of all that happened I still ADORE Chris Brown ;-) and I still have no love for Rihanna.
5.I talk to myself all the time and no I'm am not crazy. When I was a lot younger I got hurt by friends and I made myself my best friend. I actually have full length discussions about everything under the sun with myself.
6. I didn't feel anything when Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston died, but I cried when Muammar Gaddaffi was killed. I also cried for Paul Walker.
7. I hate travelling.
8. I am scared of airplanes. I have only travelled by air thrice and I pr…


Hi guys,
   My wallet has been busy these past couple of weeks. First I went to the NITC8 meet-up and got some stuff and then Dabs over at SavvyandChic did a blogvessary sale which I was fortunate enough to take part in. Take at look at my haul:


Hi guys,
   This is just a quick post to tell you that I am now on instagram. My handle however is not darkchildlovethyhair.  I was trying to register that handle but Instagram told me someone else had already taken it. I was stunned because the phrase came to me out of the blues and I was left wondering who else my muse spoke to. Anyway I settled for darkchildluvthyhair. Its still the same message so we are good.
   I have also opened a BBM channel which I try to update daily. The pin is : C0012AB2B. I am looking forward to connecting with you all :-)


My experience at the NITC8 Meet-up

Hi guys,
     Like I wished/hoped/prayed for, I was able to attend the Naturals In The City 8 meet-up that I blogged about here. I woke up that morning super excited and ready to spend my dough buying everything I could lay my hands on, but then the rains started. And would not stop. I was determined to attend so I braved the weather and headed out to the venue. I was supremely late because of prior commitments and the crazy traffic at Ajah (got there a few minutes past 5) but thankfully most of the vendors were still there. I met Ifeyinwa of  Love, ifeyinwa, Ebun of Africannaturalistas, Kemi Lewis of KLS naturals, NaturalNigerian and the lady behind Bubbles and Scents(can't remember her name).
    I shopped at KLS, Bubbles and Scents, Ajali, Olori, Sizzelle and Fashion Strings. I couldn't take many pictures because the rain kept pouring and you know how Blackberrys act all foolish once they get the tiniest drop of water in the wrong place. Anyhow here are the few pictures I …