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Wigging it out!

Hi there,
    How has it been? I have been given the all clear and I'm back to blogging! Hurrah for thunder :-)
Its so good to be back. Like I said in my last post I have been protective styling with wigs for a couple of months now and I looove it! Wigs are a fuss free way of keeping my hair protected from, unnecessary manipulation and the elements especially the SUN!! They also give me the opportunity to sport different looks at the drop of a hat. I find that it saves time as I'm done with my hair in less than 5 minutes and its painless too. I also find it super easy to take care of my hair underneath, I just take off the wig and feel my hair if its dry I spritz and seal and that's all.  I prepare my hair for my wigs by cowashing or shampooing (depending on what my hair needs) followed by the LOC method after which  I cornrow my hair. I usually redo my cornrows every Friday or Saturday. Super easy life!! I'll like to share a few of my wigs with you:

 Hope you enjoyed m…

I'm back! Sorta

Hi friends,
   It seems like its been ages since I have blogged. I have been terribly ill! For the first time in my life I was hospitalised for malaria and a persistent cough. I'm still recovering  so this post will be short. I have been protective styling with wigs for a couple of weeks now. I simply cornrow my hair, wear my wig and I am good to go. I couldn't do anything with my hair while I was at the hospital so when I was discharged on Thursday my hair was a matted mess. I was really tired but I knew I had to do something. I didnt have the strength to make a detangling cocktail so I decided to improvise. I went under the shower and turned the hot water on and just let it beat down on me,thoroughly saturating my hair. I was there for a long time and when I was tired I used my VO5 conditioner and did some finger detangling. It was so easy! I couldn't believe my eyes. I lost very little hair. When I was done finger detangling I used a wide tooth comb and my hair was a s…