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Healthy hair pratices

Hi there,
  As you embark on your healthy hair journey it is important to build and maintain a  good regimen. These are what a good regimen consists of:

Water or water based leave-in conditioners are the best way to get moisture into your hair.
You should moisturise daily or according to your hair needs.

This is when you apply a butter or oil to your already moisturised hair to prevent moisture loss. This is a very important step and should not be skipped. Oils like Castor, Olive ,Almond ,Coconut oil are great for sealing.

 A conditioner helps to restore moisture to hair and it improves the condition of the hair. This is a very important step in healthy hair care. You may condition your hair weekly after each shampoo (if you use shampoos) or just wash with it as explained below.

This is when you use a conditioner to wash your hair rather than a shampoo which can dry out your hair. This can be done as much as twice a week or weekly depending on your hair …

The best way to comb your natural hair

Hi there,
  Combing natural hair has always been a problem. There is a lot of pain involved but that's not the only challenge combing presents. Combing your hair is a major cause of hair breakage, remember those balls of hair you remove from your comb each time you comb?  Here are some tips to help you minimize breakage from combing:

Use the right tool
 Never use a fine tooth comb for your hair. It is better to use a wide toothed comb. This will reduce hair breakage. If you must use a fine tooth comb ensure you have thoroughly detangled and combed with a wide tooth comb first. Also make sure the teeth of the comb is seamless to avoid ripping out your hair as you comb.

Comb your hair only when it is damp
 Your hair is weakest when it is dripping wet and so combing it then will cause it to break.On the other hand combing your hair when it is dry will also break it off because your hair is not as flexible as it should be. When your hair is damp it can better withstand the force of…

Healthy Hair checklist

Hi there,
   To effectively take care of your natural hair you need to know the basic things to have on hand. This list is a guide to what's truly important.
Moisture is super important to natural hair. The best source of moisture for our hair is water. Wetting your hair while you bathe or with a spray bottle will keep your hair hydrated. Moisture can also be gotten by using a good leave-in conditioner or a moisturiser. Look at the label, water must be the first ingredient listed.

A Moisturising Conditioner which can be used for co-washing and also to provide moisture after shampooing.

A Deep conditioner helps to moisturise, strengthen and nourish your hair.

Shampoo for washing your hair. A sulphate free shampoo is best because it wont dry out your hair. You can also have a shampoo with sulphates for use very rarely to thoroughly remove product build up.

Wide tooth comb for detangling your hair and also for combing.

Bobby pins for styling your hair.

Silk/satin scarves for preventing moi…

Patience is a virtue

Hi there,
    I'm one of the most impatient people I know! I'm the one who reads the end of a book when I feel the story is dragging on.Just so impatient! However I have come to realise that when you really get serious about your natural hair it is one quality you have a develop because you are GOING TO NEED IT!!

It takes patience to comb your hair gently so you don't break it.If you comb in a frenzy your hair will break and then you might not achieve your hair length/thickness/general coolness goals.

It takes patience to detangle your hair gently starting from the ends and slowly working your way upwards.

 It takes patience to wash your hair ,gently massaging your scalp rather than attacking the hair and clawing at it in your desperation to get it done with.

It takes patience to use an old t-shirt to soak up excess water from your freshly washed hair rather than using a towel to rough up and distress your poor strands in an attempt to get the job done faster.

It takes pa…

My first hair trim post BC

Hi there,
  I have been dealing with split ends and several single strand knots for a while and rather than hold on to them in a bid to retain length I'd rather let them go. After much thought I have decided to trim my hair myself (how hard can it be?) Its better to trim your hair when its stretched. For a natural lass like myself that means my hair should be straightened either with heat (flat iron or blow dryer) or without heat (threading, banding, twisting ,braiding or manually stretching the hair while its wet)
I don't intend to use heat on my hair so I'm going with manually stretching my wet hair.There were some shots I couldn't capture  so I'll explain the best way I can. Here we go:

 I wont advice you to try this at home if you want a perfect cut. Overall I'm glad I got rid of my split ends after all health first then length righ

Banishing my Bad Hair Day :-(

Hi there,
  So I've been having a bad hair day or should I say week. I found some split hairs and I've been dealing with a lot of single strand knots. I have decided to give my afro a trim and I'm sooo sad! I need a pick-me-up so I'm turning to Google for some hairspiration. Here we go!

 I feel so much better now!

I'll get my trim today and I'll tell you how that went next.


Funkify your 'fro

Hi there,
  I love my afro! Since I did the big chop I have been rocking it shamelessly. I'm not really doing well twist wise so I just try to find ways to make my afro look as good as possible.

1.First things first moisturise!
No one likes a SLA- Sad Looking Afro. A good afro should look well moisturised and glossy.

 To achieve my gloss I use a glycerine mix - one part glycerine to two parts water.I spritz this all over my hair and then I seal with my olive oil and castor oil mix. There are so many products out there that can give you a good glossy sheen (lol) so invest in one or more.

2.Bring out the earrings!
To funkify my afro I use eye-catching earrings. As elaborate as possible(without looking clownish) Choose colourful earrings that compliment your face shape. These are my faves for now :-)

3. Don't forget your eyebrows!
Well defined eyebrows highlight any afro.Learn how to define your brows and try to keep them well shaped. Don't forget to "dress up"…

My first ever Bantu Knot Out

Hi there,
   One of the most common ways to style natural Hair is the bantu knot and a resulting knot out. The Bantu knot is a hairstyle created when a small section of hair is twisted into a single strand and then twisted into a knot. Remember Jada Pinkett Smith's character Niobe in The Matrix Reloaded movie? Yep that's the bantu knot.

The bantu knots are  done on damp hair and when they are dried the hair can be loosened to reveal curly hair.This resultant hairstyle is known as a bantu knot out.

So after watching a couple of You tube videos I tried it out for myself. Here's what I did: