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2014 is here!!

Hi there,
   Its a new year and people around the world are making resolutions hence the phrase New Year Resolutions. So here I am making my very own new year hairsolutions :-)

1. Deep condition every week

2. Alternate between Cowashing  and shampooing each week

3. No heat will be applied to my hair

4. Learn how to flat twist my hair

5. Do a length check only once a month

6. Keep my hair in protective styles every week till July

7. Experiment with more hairstyles

8. Do hot oil treatments at least once a month

9. Prepoo before every wash day

10.Retain 6 inches by the end of the year

Most times before February ends those resolutions are all but forgotten, but for me I hope to stick with these till Dec 31st 2014. Make goals for yourself, it makes the journey much more interesting. I wish us all the very best as we take our healthy hair journeys to the next level.


Harmattan Diaries

Hi there,
  So Harmattan is here again, our very own version of winter. It crept up on me suddenly. I woke up on Monday morning and the air just felt really dry. I had had  my wash day the day before and I deep conditioned with my organics olive oil conditioner after which I moisturised with my Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in-cream and sealed with Olive oil. In the morning I touched my hair and it was super crunchy!! I was surprised because I had been really heavy handed with my application of products. I didn't have a hard time figuring things out because my skin felt like sand paper and each breath I took seemed to dry out my nostrils...Harmattan had arrived! I don't really mind the weather in fact I love Harmattan. Your washed clothes get dry really fast, no puddles to dirty your car tires and no cloudy skies. But my hair begs to disagree. This weather dries out hair and then as expected breakage follows. I am determined not to allow the dry air truncate my healthy hair hustle. H…

Make your own Carrot oil

Hey there!
 I had never heard of carrot oil before I embarked on my healthy hair journey but from my findings this is a rich oil full of vitamins like A,C and E. It has moisturising and conditioning properties which is great news for those of us interested in healthy hair. But the most motivating factor for me is the fact that carrot oil has a sun protection factor of 30!!!! Cool right? I hate the way the sun drains the life out of my hair so I was desperate to get my hands on this oil. Since I love DIY projects I attempted to make my own. Here's what I did:

                                                              AFTER 2 WEEKS

My silk scarf is heeere!

Hey there,
      In this post I wished for a silk scarf and with much joy in my heart I hereby announce: It is heeere! (Shout out to the best sister in the world... Alison!) I am really excited because a silk scarf is grade one protection for your hair when you sleep. Before I knew anything about satin bonnets and silk scarves I used to moisturise my hair just before I sleep and in the morning I would wake up to Sahara dry hair. While I was on cloud 9 my cotton pillowcase  would suck out all the moisture from my strands leaving them dry. A silk scarf protects your hair from losing moisture especially while you sleep. The silk material breathes and rather than absorb the moisture and oils from your hair, it lets it remain where it belongs - on your strands. Its also great for keeping your hair away from prying eyes when you are having a bad hair day. I also use mine as a pillow covering sometimes when I cannot find my satin bonnet or when I don't want anything on my head while I sle…

My healthy hair Game changers :-)

Hi there,
  In life there are some things (or people) that change things around for the better. Like penicillin, the internet, air travel, you know things like that. In my hair journey I have learnt so much and tried quite a number of things all in the quest for healthier, longer hair. Here are 5 of the things that have turned things around for me hair wise:

  My Satin Bonnet
Oh its such a pleasure to sleep with well moisturised hair and wake up to same. I wear my satin bonnet every night and I must say its has been a great investment.Because of my bonnet I had to re-do my hair regimen as I do not have to moisturise my hair daily nowadays. My hair stays moisturised for about 3 days at least. The satin bonnet helps protect my hair from losing moisture to my cotton pillowcase. It also helps prevent knots and tangles that result from my hair being all over the place while I toss and turn. I use it under my turbans too. I absolutely love it. My Cantu Shea Butter leave in conditioning cream Tal…

Determining my hair type based on curl pattern

Hi there,
     I love to visit to see pictures of black women with amazing heads of  natural hair. Every single day there's a new mane of hair to swoon over. One thing I noticed is they are always asked about their hair type and I'd see responses like 4A,3C,3B and 4C and I used to wonder what it was all about.  Then I learned that a  celebrity hairstylist named Andre Walker came up with a system for decoding hair type based on your curl pattern. This chart was created (by her?) to explain the numbers and alphabets used. As you can see from the chart 1 is straight, 2 is wavy, 3 is curly and 4 is kinky. The alphabets describe the intensity of the curl, with A being the loosest and C being the tightest.

Before I really understood this method of hair typing I  decided to go with 4C because most Nigerian or should I say African naturals say they have 4C hair so I figured I was 4C too. To clarify the matter once and for all I picked up some shed hair, carefully s…

Not so Suave - Product Review

Hi there,
     I never planned to do product reviews on my blog but I just have to share my experience with a new conditioner I tried. Suave Naturals juicy green apple conditioner infused with apple extract and vitamin E. I got it from Ebeano supermarket in Ikota Shopping complex. I had high hopes because I vaguely recognised the name from some hair care blogs. It promises to nourish the natural beauty of your hair with gentle conditioners and the crisp scent of orchard grown apples. Well RME!!!
I used it as a cowash and as I got into it my hair wasn't getting soft it was just getting ...I don't know how else to describe but stripped! My hair felt squeaky clean and not unlike straw. I was like WTH? I quickly checked the label again to be sure I hadn't made the same mistake I've made twice now- buying a VO5 shampoo that I thought was a conditioner! How can that be possible you say? Well I have asked myself several times and I'm yet to understand it.  Back to my "…

Wigging it out!

Hi there,
    How has it been? I have been given the all clear and I'm back to blogging! Hurrah for thunder :-)
Its so good to be back. Like I said in my last post I have been protective styling with wigs for a couple of months now and I looove it! Wigs are a fuss free way of keeping my hair protected from, unnecessary manipulation and the elements especially the SUN!! They also give me the opportunity to sport different looks at the drop of a hat. I find that it saves time as I'm done with my hair in less than 5 minutes and its painless too. I also find it super easy to take care of my hair underneath, I just take off the wig and feel my hair if its dry I spritz and seal and that's all.  I prepare my hair for my wigs by cowashing or shampooing (depending on what my hair needs) followed by the LOC method after which  I cornrow my hair. I usually redo my cornrows every Friday or Saturday. Super easy life!! I'll like to share a few of my wigs with you:

 Hope you enjoyed m…

I'm back! Sorta

Hi friends,
   It seems like its been ages since I have blogged. I have been terribly ill! For the first time in my life I was hospitalised for malaria and a persistent cough. I'm still recovering  so this post will be short. I have been protective styling with wigs for a couple of weeks now. I simply cornrow my hair, wear my wig and I am good to go. I couldn't do anything with my hair while I was at the hospital so when I was discharged on Thursday my hair was a matted mess. I was really tired but I knew I had to do something. I didnt have the strength to make a detangling cocktail so I decided to improvise. I went under the shower and turned the hot water on and just let it beat down on me,thoroughly saturating my hair. I was there for a long time and when I was tired I used my VO5 conditioner and did some finger detangling. It was so easy! I couldn't believe my eyes. I lost very little hair. When I was done finger detangling I used a wide tooth comb and my hair was a s…

My wishlist

Hi there,  
You know the saying : If wishes were horses beggars would ride? I have a lot of wishes, from a smaller waistline to less hairy legs. Since its obvious genetics has the upper hand in those areas how about I concentrate on wishes I can actually make come true. My hair journey has taken me to heights I never even knew. I've learnt about things like hempseed oil, steamers, tangle teezers, spray bottles, biotin, curl formers and things like that. It seems like new products are created each passing day for naturals like me who want healthier hair. So after just a little much thought I have prepared a wish list of things I would like to acquire in the nearest future for my journey to healthier hair.

 Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner.
 I have heard so many good things about this moisturising conditioner and I am eager to try it out.

Jamaican black castor Oil
Reviews I've seen testify to its superiority for sealing and encouraging hair growth.

Hair trigger explosive growth elixir

A beginners guide to protein and natural hair

Hi there,
      If you are a protein lover like me then you'll know that nothing beats the taste of eggs, beef, chicken and beans...yum!  We need protein in our hair just like we also need it in our bodies.
Our hair is made up of a kind of protein called keratin, this is what gives hair structure and strength. To get healthy hair we have to get some protein into our hair strands. Why is that? The daily rigors of life(combing, shampooing, touching etc. ) tend to wear down the cuticle or outer layer of our hair strands. As those layers wear off the hair loses strength and becomes brittle. Next comes breakage. Protein tends to build up those missing spots of protein in your hair shaft leaving hair stronger and less likely to break. Hair that lacks protein finds it difficult to retain moisture and as you know moisture makes the strand elastic and less likely to break. Women who dye, heat style or relax their hair need lots of protein treatments because the protein bonds of their hair ha…

Beating hair breakage

Hi there,
   If there is one thing that breaks the heart of anyone trying to grow hair, it is hair breakage. I cannot explain how sad I feel each time I see broken strands of hair on my palms or worse still on my comb. Hair breakage is what prevents us from getting our desired length and or fullness and must be dealt with severely. Since I began my natural hair journey I have learnt a lot about this common problem and I'm glad to say that knowledge is power! I'm beginning to see little or no breakage and I'm bursting with info to share!!!
What causes hair breakage? Dryness, over manipulation, combing recklessly, loss of hair protein, dehydration, over moisturising, shampooing too much, uv damage from the sun, heat styling, sleeping on a cotton pillowcase, dyeing your hair etc. Things I never even thought about were truncating my hair growth hustle and I had no clue. Now though things are different. I know what I must do to protect my hair and in extension yours too :-)