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Apple cider vinegar for natural hair

Hi there,
   I had been hearing a lot about Apple Cider Vinegar for natural hair but I wasn't too inclined to jump on the band wagon because it just sounded weird. The claims were numerous :
Balances hair PH due to its acid content counteracting the effects of highly alkaline shampoos and dyes. Removes product build up and can be used to gently clean hair in between washes. Closes the cuticles of your hair strands leaving hair shinier, softer and smoother.It relieves itchy scalp and dandruff due to the acids it contains.
 I read the claims but I didn't really believe them and I went about my other hair business. All this changed in December when I went in search of coconut oil in Park and Shop Lekki. Although I make my own coconut oil I am intrigued by the semi solid one sold in jars. I searched high and low in the supermarket and I didn't find it but I found something else - Apple Cider Vinegar, ACV for short.

 I still don't know why I bought it but I did. I tried it o…

My top 5 natural hair blogs

Hi guys,
     I love blogs. I think they make they make the world a easier place to live with there being blogs about everything under the sun. There are how-to blogs, where-to  blogs, what-to blogs and countless others. My best blogs are natural hair care blogs. I follow quite a lot of them and I am the better for it. Here are 5 of my favourite natural hair blogs :

Top on my list will be bglh! I absolutely love this blog. They feature naturals with the most amazing heads of hair every day, when I say every day I mean EVERYDAY! If you need natural hair inspiration look no further. They even do features on natural celebrities too. There are several posts each day about hair techniques, styles, maintenance, products and all things natural hair related. There are several contributing posters and there are links to their blogs so your repertoire of hair blogs can keep growing.

This blog has it all - natural hair maintenance, techniques, research findings et al.…

Product junkism and inversion update

Hi guys,
    In my last post I talked about revisiting the inversion method and I promised to post the results,unfortunately I have no results to post :-(
   I inverted happily for 4 days and then I got really sad news: my beloved Granny passed away. Even though she was really old death still hurts. I couldn't find the strength to do anything inversion-related. I hope to revisit it next month.
   Today I'm going to talk about a bug that has bitten me- product junkism. Most hair blogs I visit talk about this problem and I swore I'd never be a victim. Less than a year later, yesterday to be precise, I realise I may be heading down that path. Yesterday evening I was returning from an outing when I stopped at a supermarket to pick up a bottle of conditioner.

That would not be considered bad until you realise that I have 5 bottles of the same conditioner sitting idly in my shelf.

Even worse is the fact that each time I pass by that same supermarket I walk in to pick up a bottl…