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HEY 2015!!!!

Hello guys,
  I know this post is laaate but hey, its better late than never right???  It seems like it was just yesterday I did my welcome to 2014 post. I cannot believe 2015 came so fast! I mean it was January 2014 just a few days ago right? Well 2015 is here so lets get to it. For starters I have absolutely no resolutions this year. Yes you read that right. I mean why do we even bother, when most times by the time February rolls by we have forgotten them all? I made 10 resolutions last year and I did pretty woefully so this year I am not making any.  Take a look at my  resolutions for 2014 hairwise + my end of year results and judge for yourself:

1. Deep condition every week... Failed

2. Alternate between Cowashing  and shampooing each week... Failed

3. No heat will be applied to my hair...Passed

4. Learn how to flat twist my hair...Failed woefully

5. Do a length check only once a month...Passed

6. Keep my hair in protective styles every week till July...Well Pass-failed

7. Experiment wit…