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DIY crochet braids :-)

Hi there,
   I love DIY projects. I think its absolutely rewarding to create stuff yourself and whenever I get the chance I dive in without hesitation. Some time ago I heard about a certain kind of protective style called crochet braids. Its where you use something like a crochet hook to latch hair(already braided single strands, Marley hair or any kind of braiding hair)through a single cornrow bit by bit till your whole head is covered with the hair. I didn't know how to go about it until I read it up on AB's blog. She posted a YouTube video by Jouelzy that explained how to do crochet braids with a bobby pin which was fine by me as I didn't have a crochet hook. So one boring Monday night I sat down and dove right in. I did not remember to take pictures in the beginning so pardon me.

What I used
 A bobby pin Rat tail comb for the partsNoble Marley braiding hair( I used 4 or 5 packs) Method
I made 12 cornrows on my head.
Starting from the back I inserted the head of the bo…


Hi there,
    I heard a really inspiring quote recently that I'd love to share. It goes something like this: Every setback is a setup for a comeback. It was one of those quotes that didn't make any sense to me at first but as I mulled over it I began to get the sense of it. You cannot make a comeback if you haven't had a setback. I have had 3 major hair setbacks in recent years. The first and most devastating occurred in   2011. I was relaxed then and had fairly good hair and unlike some others I had a full hair line. One day I decided I was bored with my usual long weaves and decided to try something new- a pixie cut glue-on weave. It looked really good and I got compliments from almost everybody until one hot sticky day 3 weeks later. I was hot, my hair itched like mad and all I wanted was to feel cold water on my scalp. I had to take off my weave but it was glued on! After trying to gently remove it for some time I lost my patience and yanked off the wig... and my enti…


Hi there,
  In this Post I talked about this conditioner I have been buying like a crazy person-VO5 moisture milks moisturizing conditioner with soy milk protein ( I got the strawberry & cream scent) and today I'm here with a review.
 Meet the Product:

Product Claims: Contains 5 essential vitamins for healthy hair
Vitamin E: Promotes scalp circulation and restores moisture
Vitamin H: promotes thicker, stronger hair
Vitamin C: protects hair from UV rays
Vitamin B5: A moisturiser/humectant that readily binds to hair
Vitamin B3: moisturises and promotes hair growth

Ingredients: Water(Aqua,eau), cetyl alchohol.stearalkonium chloride.cetrimonium chloride,fragrance,glyceryl stearate,DMDM hydanton,disodium edta,red33,polysorbate 20,propylene glycol,stearyl alcohol,steareth-21,tocopheryl acetate,soymilk,panthenol,ascorbic acid,fragaria vesca(strawberry) leaf extract, niacinamide, biotin
Directions: After shampooing, apply to wet hair. Leave on as desired. Rinse thoroughly. Avoid contact…


Hi there,
  In 2004 Usher Raymond released one of my favourite songs of that time Confessions. Do you remember that song? Well its confession time for me. I have been very very naughty. When I started my healthy hair journey I took special care to do all the necessary things. I pre-pooed, deep conditioned, cowashed, finger detangled and did all the other good stuff  with so much joy and zeal. Now though it seems like I've lost some steam and I've begun to break some of the cardinal rules...I hope my hair forgives me. Here are some of my sins:

Failure to prepoo prior to shampooing
This is the worst of them all. Prepooing with an oil or conditioner(or even both) before a shampoo is super important. This is because it protects the hair from the harsh sulphates in shampoos which dry out our hair and damage the cuticle. I know this but because of laziness I have defaulted a couple of times and for that I hang my head in shame.

Ripping out my SSKs
Single strand knots are the bane of …