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Hi guys,
     Its DIY time again! Since I started my Hair Journey I have avoided sew-in weaves like a plague. One reason is that I just hate having hair butchers stylists pinch and prod my hair with giant needles all in the name of fixing and second is the thought of all the damage said needle would do to my delicate strands. I wore wigs for a long time till I discovered clip-ins. If you have never heard of them, heres what they look like :

So basically, you sew the clips on to the pre-cut wefted extensions and when you are done, you open the clips, attach them to your hair and then snap them close. Cest fini. Its pretty easy. Here's how I make and apply my clip-ins. I used this really pretty synthetic weave from Expression :

Step One:
 Cornrow your hair. You should do this first because you will need to measure the side to side length of the extensions before you cut them.

Step two:
Measure the length of each track from side to side starting from the back:  Each track should be me…


Hi there,
    The title is a little misleading I must confess. It wasn't an old shirt. I have had it for about 2 years (that's not old to me) and I really liked it. It was really pretty with 3 roses on the left shoulder and a belt which gave it that baby-doll-dress look.

Things were going fine with us until one fateful day while I was ironing. My mind drifted and before I could say "kai iron!" the shirt was ruined. Just like that! I tried to remedy the situation by moving the roses from the shoulder to the burnt spot as you can see in the photo above but after a few wears I saw this:

I had two options: First was to throw the whole shirt away and second was to use it for something useful. After thinking for a while the answer came to me. The shirt had a belt and 3 roses, perfect for a cute headband. So here's what I did:

 Here I am rocking my new headband in three ways:

With my twisted bang and bun do. 

You could do the same if you have any ruined clothes. You ca…


Hi guys,
    Although I was a little slow on the uptake, I finally joined Instagram and in less than an hour afterwards I was already addicted. My raison d'ĂȘtre? Track down awesome naturals with special emphasis on Nigerian naturals, and as one hashtag says: Naturals Dey!!!!!
Here 5 Nigerian naturals I am currently stalking on Instagram:

YAGAZIE EMEZI@yagazieemezi
From what I deduce, Yagazie is an Igbo girl with a Malaysian mom. She's this wild earth child/hippie being, a culturati of some sort and an amazing photographer. But the thing that keeps me stalking her page is to have a glimpse of her wild mane. Which mane ? Well, THIS mane:

She doesn't really do a lot of styles so if you are looking for style inspiration you might be a little disappointed. But if like me you like to get frospiration, then she's your gal. Her fro is awesome, so thick and lush that it almost wants to make me stick my fingers in there. No homo though.

KEHINDE ADEYEMI@kehindeadeyemii
She  makes me thi…