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Hi guys,
   As I confessed in this post, I was quite busy with a lot of stuff and as a result my hair was all but forgotten. I put my hair in cornrows and used wigs whenever I had to go out. I would spritz once in a while but deep conditioning, prepooing and  all other TLC was abandoned.  Added to the general neglect, I have been needing a trim for months and yet I did nothing because I was 'too busy'. Well my hair revolted!!!! :-(  I had tons of breakage, I mean I would run my hands down my hair and I would see little broken hairs on my palm. I FREAKED OUT big time and knew it was time to wake up from my coma. I did a self trim but first I took some update pictures:

Looks like a lot of growth right? Well check out the back:

Hardly any progress at the back because that's where most of the breakage occurred. My ends were Sahara dry and there were quite a  few split hairs. I knew it was time to let those ends go.
I decided to self trim rather than go get it done at the salon. I …