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Hi guys,
  I hope you had a pleasant week,  I know I did :-) A while ago I read Kemi Lewis' ( of KL'S NATURALS) blogpost about a temporary spray-on hair colour she had gotten from Casabella at the Palms shopping mall.  Casabella is a beauty shop and they sell a wide range of hair products from Giovanni, Cantu, Shea Moisture and a number of other big natural hair brands.  I loved the results she got using the spray so I had it in mind to pick up a bottle from Casabella whenever I was at the Palms. Turns out I didnt have to go that far. So there I was minding my own business on the paved roads of Ikota shopping mall when I looked up and there it was:

To say I was excited is putting it mildly. I went in sharply and proceeded to feed my eyes. They had a fairly wide range of stuff from wigs to make up, creams, brushes and finally HAIR PRODUCTS!!! I was spoilt for choice. I don't think I have mentioned it here before but I really need to over haul my staple products. My hair is so…


Hi guys,
       Ekene over at Thekinkandi nominated me for the WHATS IN MY BAG TAG some weeks ago. I was really thrilled because Ekene is one of my favourite bloggers and I just love being tagged in anything (makes me feel all warm and fuzzy lol). So lets get down to business:

Tablet: I watch videos (hair tutorials on YouTube mostly ), edit photos, read and do all the doables on my tab.

Earphones: For listening to music super loud!!!

Awake and watchtower magazines: Just in case I have an opportunity to witness to someone in a waiting room or some other place.

Purse: I have had this purse for 5 years now. It holds cash and all my bank cards.

Makeup bag: I am pretty basic when it comes to make up. I don't really know how to do the advanced stuff so I just have regular black eye pencil, brown brow pencil, red lipstick, eye shadow palette and lip gloss (can you spy the toothbrush I use for my brows??)

Hand sanitizer: To protect me from all the germs flying, crawling and strolling about out …