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Easy does it!

In my last post I talked about laziness being an enemy of healthy natural hair. I did not mention that I am sooo guilty of this. I find that some weeks I stick to my regimen of co-washing  and pre-pooing and all that good stuff but for other weeks I give myself a break. This is so counter productive. I decided to create a simple regimen that's easy to stick to and  I'm going to share it with you.
   Basically for natural hair to grow and flourish it needs to be moisturised and strengthened. These two steps are so important because for hair to retain length it should be pliant  and not brittle i.e. it should not break off  easily. Always remember that  just like a baby your hair should be "fed" and pampered daily.

A good conditioner for co-washing and detangling
Oils for sealing in moisture, hot oil treatments and prepooing
A leave-in conditioner or hair moisturiser
A moisturising shampoo
A wide toothed comb
A Silk scarf or satin…

4 Frequently used terms in black hair care

Hi there,
   In my last post I talked about laziness being an enemy of healthy natural hair, I'll get to that in a future post. Today I want to acquaint you with some terms commonly used in black hair care.

TWA-Teeny Weeny Afro (need I say more? :-) )

Co-wash-This refers to  washing your hair with your conditioner rather than a shampoo. You apply the conditioner, thoroughly massage through while using your fingers or a wide tooth comb to detangle your hair. Then you rinse off.

Prepoo- short for pre-shampooing. It involves applying either an oil or oil mix to the hair to protect it from being stripped of moisture while you shampoo. A conditioner can also be used.

Hot oil treatment- This involves heating an amount of oil and using it to massage your scalp and also coat your hair strands. This helps to stimulate hair growth, strengthen and condition hair and also helps  repair damaged ends

More to come.


Public enemy no 1- Laziness

Hi there,
     The beauty of natural hair is in its soft and glossy look. we love this look, crave for it and even pray for it. We see naturals on YouTube with long full natural hair and we are full of longing, telling ourselves "I wish my hair was this full and long and shiny" But when it gets down to it, how many of us are really ready to do all that needs to be done ? The greatest enemy is not those that criticize us, the weather or some other reason we can think of. Its our lazy gene!!! To get great hair takes a lot of work, you have to Co-wash at least twice a week, you have to do hot oil treatments at least once a week, you have to Prepoo the night before you shampoo(which you have to do once a week),you have to moisturise your hair daily(depending on how dry your hair is you might have to do this twice a day)you have to deep condition once a week and a whole lot of other stuff . As you can see it takes a lot to maintain and grow natural hair. So before you decide to …

Dealing with negativity

There seems to be something about natural hair that ticks the world off. Since I started my natural hair journey I have been criticized by a lot of people and I know that most of you have experienced it too. One thing that can help is knowing the reason why you are going natural. If you are truly convinced about your reasons for going natural it will be difficult for anyone to brow beat you into feeling bad about yourself . Another thing that can help is to keep the hair looking healthy .Natural hair only looks good when it  looks soft and glossy. Invest in a good leave in conditioner and  practice the LOC method of keeping hair moisturised. Invest in cute hair accessories like ribbons, hair bands, colourful scarves, flowers and jewelled hair pieces.

Hairstyle for short natural hair - Afro puffs

Check out this cute style I was able to pull off today...