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Hair update :-)

Hi guys,
    If you remember, I did the Inversion method in October 2013 with arguable results and I said I would repeat the process in December. I never got around to doing it so I figured I would start in January 2014 and track my progress monthly to see if I can achieve my goal of gaining 6 inches by December. To get my hair ready for inversion I did a length check and here are the results:

I did not do a anything special. I washed once in 2 weeks, finger detangled solely, conditioned, deep conditioned then protective styled with African  threading underneath my wigs. So without depending on Inversion or other growth aids I gained a little more than an inch in 3 months. I dont know if I should be happy or indifferent but I am kinda leaning towards happy. Growth is growth and some growth is better than no growth. I'm kicking off the 2014 inversion trial tonight and i hope to give you an update in 7 days. Wish me some growth ;-)


Look before you leap

Hi guys,
    I dont know about you but the phrase "Look before you leap" was drummed into my ears as a child. It is a deliberate effort to ponder deeply the pros and cons before going ahead to do stuff. It requires careful thought but I have never been a poster child for carefulness. I am very impatient and with that comes a certain carefreeness(I hope there is a word like that) that has had some unsavoury consequences. In my healthy hair journey I have had to learn the hard way the importance of looking carefully before buying any product. On one occasion I bought a shampoo that I thought was a conditioner. I didn't look at the label properly, I saw the word "moisturing" and my brain filled in "conditioner" so I bought it only to discover upon attempted usage that I had bought a shampoo. The bad thing about this is the fact that it happened twice.

Having learnt my lesson I decided to look out for the word CONDITIONER on my next trip to the supermark…

My spray bottle

Hi there,
   The clouds have lifted and the sun is shining through :-) No more lamentations from now on. I'm filled with renewed love for my tresses SSKs and all else be damned!! Moving on... As I spritzed my hair in preparation to sleep tonight I lovingly caressed my spray bottle and wondered how my journey would have been without it.

 It makes life so easy for me as all I have to do to moisturise my hair is just squeeze the trigger a few times and I'm done. Right now I have a mixture of one part glycerine to two parts water in my bottle. I use this mix as a leave in, as a detangler and as a revitaliser for my wigs.

I discovered a new use for my spray bottle recently - Apple cider vinegar application! I mix it in my bottle and spray it on scalp and hair to cleanse. As always it makes it super easy to get this part of my regimen done.

There are a lot of things you can add to your spray bottle that will bring great benefits to your hair. They include aloe vera juice, rose wat…


Hi there,
     so its been ages and I apologise for that. I have been having issues with my network provider and I'm so frustrated. It takes FOREVER to load pictures and what's a  hair blog without pictures? I usually give up after trying for about an hour. Today I just want to lament about some of the challenges I have had in my natural hair journey. I love my hair, no doubt about it but what's up with the single strand knots? As in whats up with you guys? I did a post ( dealing with single strand knots ) about this some time ago and I religiously followed all the tips and yet they show up daily and have even upgraded to multiple strand knots ...oh well I guess its true that a natural can never be without them.
   My second lament has to do with the lack of natural hair products in Nigeria.  I read about all sorts of great products for natural hair and then I spend hours browsing through the aisles of big supermarkets and I come up with nothing,  I mean not even a jar of…