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Easy does it!

   In my last post I talked about laziness being an enemy of healthy natural hair. I did not mention that I am sooo guilty of this. I find that some weeks I stick to my regimen of co-washing  and pre-pooing and all that good stuff but for other weeks I give myself a break. This is so counter productive. I decided to create a simple regimen that's easy to stick to and  I'm going to share it with you.
   Basically for natural hair to grow and flourish it needs to be moisturised and strengthened. These two steps are so important because for hair to retain length it should be pliant  and not brittle i.e. it should not break off  easily. Always remember that  just like a baby your hair should be "fed" and pampered daily.

A good conditioner for co-washing and detangling
Oils for sealing in moisture, hot oil treatments and prepooing
A leave-in conditioner or hair moisturiser
A moisturising shampoo
A wide toothed comb
A Silk scarf or satin bonnet

Monday night - Co-wash, moisturise, seal with an oil and tie with a scarf.

Tuesday morning- Spritz with a leave-in conditioner and seal with oil
 Tuesday night- Spritz with a leave-in conditioner and seal with oil

Wednesday morning- Spritz with a leave-in conditioner and seal with oil
 Wednesday  night- Co-wash in my bath use my leave-in and seal with an oil

Thursday morning and night- Spritz with leave in conditioner and seal

Friday morning - Spritz and seal
Friday night-Prepoo with an oil mix, put on a shower cap and sleep(I heat the oil a little bit so it doubles as a hot oil treatment)

Saturday morning-Shampoo , deep condition, then spritz and seal
Saturday night-Spritz and seal

Sunday morning-Spritz and seal
Sunday evening-Spritz and seal

Monday morning -Spritz and seal

Does it sound complicated? Well it isn't. Think about it. You  just need to have 4 bottles. One with your conditioner, one with your moisturiser /leave-in conditioner(a spray bottle is easier to use),one with your oil /oil mix and one for your shampoo. Place the bottle of moisturiser or leave in conditioner and the one with the  oil where your cosmetics are. Keep the other 2 bottles(conditioner for your co-washes and your shampoo in the bathroom where you need them) that is all! The leave-in conditioner is better in a spray bottle  because its  so easy to use. Just get any empty perfume bottle with a hand-squeeze(pardon my phrase I don't know what else to call it) like the one below

easier direct the liquid into your hair
harder to use

and spray your hair. Easy  as ABC!

Remember consistency is key!


  1. Wonderful tips for hair care. Need to ask a few questions though!

  2. Wondertful tips. Am bookmarking it imediately and plz wat do u mean by spirtz and seal

  3. by spritz I mean when you spray your hair with either water or a leave in conditioner from a spray seal I mean using an oil or butter (e.g. Shea)to lock in the moisture you already sprayed (spritzed) into your hair


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