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5 of my favourite natural hair Vloggers :-)

Hi there,
  I am an addict. Yeah you heard right. I'm not even going to lie, I am addicted to YouTube!! I most especially love the natural hair tutorials and no day passes without me viewing at least 2 videos (all thanks to my You Tube downloader which means I can watch those videos over and over and over again without streaming) I'm blown away by  how creative those women are! They make natural hair look so easy to manage. I watch them trim their hair, make all kinds of concoctions for hair, sew weave ins, braid and twist their own hair,all the while sporting gorgeous heads of natural hair! They make me feel like I don't need to ever step into a hair salon again ( hurrah for thunder!!!) I'm so in love with these women!! Today I'm going to share 5 of my favourite Vloggers with you. Enjoy!

Without a doubt these are my favourite Vloggers. They are super cute and know their onions when it comes to natural hair. I love how they each have a distinctive style. I check their channel first and have more of their videos than any other Vlogger.

Aren't they cute?

India (big sis)

Toni (middle sis)

Carmen (baby sis)

 I love this straight talking naturalista, her hair is awesome and I just want to run my hands through those strands! Her vlog is really nice, she goes straight to the point and has great advice and easy 58tutorials. It was fun watching her hair grow from this:

 to this

                                                                          Then this
and finally this!!

Look at that mane! *ahhh swoon

This Jamaican lady makes short natural hair so much fun. With a nice accent  and a great sense of style she is definitely one of my favourite vloggers.I learnt a lot of short hair styles from her and I think  she just has a special way of making natural hair look fab(she inspired my afro puff)

This lady to me is the queen of medium length hairstyling. She can make any hairstyle look super easy.Learnt how to do a fro hawk ,flexi rods and straw sets from this sister.

She did this hairstyle herself

Same as this

and this one too

Jenell of kinkycurlycoilyme is the owner of this Vlog. I love her tutorials and natural hair tips.Learnt how to do hot oils treatments from her.

So there you are... I hope you can find time to visit their channels too.


  1. God! Am so loving all dez hairs. Am so lazy abt my hair. I rili nid a motivation. For ur professional makeup pls add 25C1DB17

    1. You are not alone! Imagine your hair as long as India's (of my natural sistas).that's enough motivation for anyone :-)

  2. Wow, I love natural hair - currently transitioning and can't wait till I'm all natural


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