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My healthy hair Game changers :-)

Hi there,
  In life there are some things (or people) that change things around for the better. Like penicillin, the internet, air travel, you know things like that. In my hair journey I have learnt so much and tried quite a number of things all in the quest for healthier, longer hair. Here are 5 of the things that have turned things around for me hair wise:

                                                                My Satin Bonnet
Oh its such a pleasure to sleep with well moisturised hair and wake up to same. I wear my satin bonnet every night and I must say its has been a great investment.Because of my bonnet I had to re-do my hair regimen as I do not have to moisturise my hair daily nowadays. My hair stays moisturised for about 3 days at least. The satin bonnet helps protect my hair from losing moisture to my cotton pillowcase. It also helps prevent knots and tangles that result from my hair being all over the place while I toss and turn. I use it under my turbans too. I absolutely love it.
My Cantu Shea Butter leave in conditioning cream
Talk about love at first use. It leaves my hair so soft and silky. Its a little thick but it melts into my hair and keeps my hair moisturised for quite a while. I find that its an okay detangler too because while I'm moisturising my hair with it I find myself finger detangling and I don't feel any snags( well except my hair is really tangled but for regular days its ok)
My spray bottle
My spray bottle is one amazing time saving little darling! I usually fill it with water and glycerine for moisturising my hair on the quick. No fuss, just spray spray and you are done. I put my detangling solution in it too for super easy access.
My Roots Only Applicator
This little fella is an absolute time and energy saver. I use it for anything oil related-Sealing, hot oil treatments and pre-pooing. Its so easy to use: tip it over and squeeze. The oil comes oozing out from the tiny holes on the comb, no need to cork and uncork. Cool right? yeah
My Glycerine
This guy right here is a multitasking liquid. Its a humectant so it  actually draws in moisture to my hair strands. I mix it with water in a spray bottle and it instantly softens my hair on impact!! And talk about the shine** happy sigh!  I add it to my conditioner when I want to give my hair a kiss and a hug. It is also a great detangler.

So there you have it. Go all out and find your own healthy hair game changers :-)


  1. I've been eying Glycerin for a while now but I always forget to pick some up at the health food store. It's sufficiently moved to the top of my wish list!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. you are going to lurv it!!!
      Thanks for stopping by :-)

  2. wow. I can definitely relate. Where did u buy the root stimulator from?

  3. Sorry, the roots only applicator

  4. Hallo chichi,
    I got it from dabs at Naijahaircangrow blog. Its 2k.

  5. HI, saw you through naijahusband blog, I'm on artificial dreads and seriously thinking of going #teamnatural, but all these procedures are scary. The real reason I want to go natural is to reduce time spent on my hair, but this seems to even take more time. And does sleep bonnets...they look good for the hair, but I doubt hubby will allow me sleep in that, and it will prob get removed during um.... Maybe I should just go for natural dreads, that should be easier to maintain abi?

    1. Hi Chu, I actually laughed out loud at your comment. Let's take it from the top:
      1. Teamnatural is not as much work as you think it is. One you get your products and techniques right you'll find its not so hard.
      2. The hair bonnet doesn't have to look drab. Savvyandchic stock some super sexy ones that will make your hubby's heart race ;-) . If you fear it may come off during ur urm... Get a satin pillowcase from savvyandchic. So your hair is protected either way. Loc'ed sisters use bonnets and satin pillowcases too.
      3. If you want to get locs keep in mind that you'll still have to condition/deep condition, moisturise, seal, shampoo and re-loc them. If not your locs won't look nice at all. So its basically the same thing only you won't have to detangle. I wish you the very best in whichever one you choose:-)


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