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Hi there,
     so its been ages and I apologise for that. I have been having issues with my network provider and I'm so frustrated. It takes FOREVER to load pictures and what's a  hair blog without pictures? I usually give up after trying for about an hour. Today I just want to lament about some of the challenges I have had in my natural hair journey. I love my hair, no doubt about it but what's up with the single strand knots? As in whats up with you guys? I did a post ( dealing with single strand knots ) about this some time ago and I religiously followed all the tips and yet they show up daily and have even upgraded to multiple strand knots ...oh well I guess its true that a natural can never be without them.
   My second lament has to do with the lack of natural hair products in Nigeria.  I read about all sorts of great products for natural hair and then I spend hours browsing through the aisles of big supermarkets and I come up with nothing,  I mean not even a jar of Cantu Shea butter! When you do find them at online shops they cost an arm and a leg and even a kidney. You would wonder if its the same product sold for 5 dollars in the US you are seeing being sold for 3000 Naira...In God we trust!
    My third and final lament has to be the infighting among naturals.EVERYBODY has an opinion and is desperately trying to shove it down everybody else's throat. Factions are being formed with the motto - attack anyone not conforming to our standards.     Natural hair forums have become battle grounds. The No-pooers against the Shampooers, the Finger Detanglers against the Combers and Denman brushers, the No-Heat-In-My-Regimeners against the Heat Stylers and it goes on and on. What happened to do what works for you? What happened to mind your own hair while I mind mine?
     In spite of all these I still love my journey. I'm looking forward to a year of hair health and length and I wish the same for all my readers. I have a couple of posts in my drafts still waiting for the pictures to upload as soon as the network permits I will put them up.
    Thanks for stopping by.



  1. O mehn!
    Here I am considering transitioning. I still might tho.

    Loll! You are sooo right about over-hyped products in Naija. Everything triples its normal price.
    I just tire.

    1. Hi doll I didnt mean to discourage you, its a very rewarding journey and I know you Will ROCK natural hair!

  2. I have missed you, good to have you back.

    1. Thanks doll its great to be back! Running off to your blog ASAP :-)

  3. Yes o! A single cip of cantu shea butter is like lookin for a needle in a haystack here o! I literally beggd my mom 2 buy like 5 cups when she travelld. I eventually saw @ healthplus VI mehn....d price reach 2 go do money ritual o! So expensive! The natural hair products r so expensive kwa. D good thing is I've not read product reviews on dnatural hair products they have apart from giovani tea tree shampoo and conditners and cantu shea butter so in other words I won't kill 2 buy 4rm there.

    Secondly, the figjting 'bout what regimen 2 do or "I first natural before u" is really annoying! Back in d day we were ashamed 2 carry our kinky hair so y make it a do or die ish?

  4. I've seen lots of reviews about the hawaiian silky gel activator- I heard it defines curls- my hair is only about 1/4 of an inch now but I do hope that when it begins to grow out, it doesn't just "grow out"- you know?
    I'll like to see a curly fro or sth.....
    Does the Cantu shea butter coconut curling cream for natural hair actually curl hair?
    Waiting for your response!!!!!

    1. Hi doll, most people of african decent have a curl pattern so you will also have some type of curl or coil.its still too early to tell. Gels and activators actually define curls for those who have curls in the first place. They do not dash you curls. Let's keep our fingers crossed that your hair grows out soon and pops out curls then you can then begin to define them. Hope this helps!


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