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Product junkism and inversion update

Hi guys,
    In my last post I talked about revisiting the inversion method and I promised to post the results,unfortunately I have no results to post :-(
   I inverted happily for 4 days and then I got really sad news: my beloved Granny passed away. Even though she was really old death still hurts. I couldn't find the strength to do anything inversion-related. I hope to revisit it next month.
   Today I'm going to talk about a bug that has bitten me- product junkism. Most hair blogs I visit talk about this problem and I swore I'd never be a victim. Less than a year later, yesterday to be precise, I realise I may be heading down that path. Yesterday evening I was returning from an outing when I stopped at a supermarket to pick up a bottle of conditioner.

That would not be considered bad until you realise that I have 5 bottles of the same conditioner sitting idly in my shelf.

Even worse is the fact that each time I pass by that same supermarket I walk in to pick up a bottle or two. Why do I do that?????? Am I drunk each time I pass by?

 I thought long and hard last night as I put the latest conditioner with the rest and it occurred to me that the reason keep buying this conditioner is that I am afraid I'll run out of it and be unable to find it. I really love this conditioner, it hits ALL the right spots. But do I really need six bottles of it? Will all the shops in Lagos suddenly stop selling it? I dont think so. My excuse seems weak to me,shamefully I look around at my stash of products and I see the letters P J floating around in front of me.

I see the making of a product junkie...I refuse to be one. I'm declaring an embargo on hair product purchase till further notice....the only exception is my Cantu Shea butter. I am running out :-) 



  1. May her soul rest in peace. just came across ur blog now, am so staying glued, i am team natural hair too. keep it up

  2. Thanks doll I truly appreciate your comment. Team natural all the way!!

  3. Sorry about your granny. Thanks so much for the tips

  4. Sorry about your granny!!!
    Love the shampoo too but really 5bottles *obsession things o*

    Love your blog! Wanna follow eachother? Check out my blog and let me know

  5. Girl, I hope you pulled the mayonnaise straight from the refrigerator just to take this picture because mayonnaise is meant to be refrigerated. Has raw eggs etc in it.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Hiya! I decided to check out VO5 online (it seems to be a fab product with all these glowing reviews) but the kind of prices I'm seeing on amazon and ebay about £12 minimum?!
    Saw some cheaper ones on superdrug, same VO5 name but different bottle shape so now am confused, I'm wondering whether the superdrug product is the oyinbo one, lol. I've copied the link, could you please have a look. Thanks a bunch!

    1. hello Ephi,
      I checked the link and I have never seen that range of VO5 products before. The ones I buy here in Nigeria are about N400 so I wonder how they can be on amazon for 12 pounds. What you can do is to mark off the ingredient list of the superdrug brand with the one I have reviewed. If there are similarities you could buy 1 and see how your hair likes it. I hope this helps

  8. Thanks a bunch! I'll try to do that. Thank you,


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