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Hi guys,
    As you may have already deduced, caring for natural hair can be a full time job. There's the detangling, prepooing, oil rinsing, deep conditioning, moisturising , sealing etc. and these can get a little tedious. For this reason I am constantly looking for a way to make my hair life easier. While browsing in the hair section of a supermarket near me I found this:

Mineral oil in an applicator bottle!!!

At first glance its just a synthetic hair oil inside an white bottle, but it is much more than that. Infact when I found it on the shelf I was really really happy, so happy that I almost clapped. I wasn't happy because I found scented mineral oil (that's exactly what the product contains), I was happy because right in front of me was an applicator bottle which I have been wanting for a while. And the icing on the cake? It costs N150 only.
 So what's the fuss about this bottle? Well take a look at that nozzle..

Diluted Shampoo

Now imagine hot oil oozing from it into your scalp and finally down the length of your hair. No spill, no mess, no fuss. The nozzle ensures that whatever product you are applying is concentrated at the exact spot you want it so there's hardly any mess.

It has a cover too! Super awesome ;-)

The bottle  is now a regular part of my regimen. Here are 3 ways I put it to use:
To be honest this is the main reason I got the bottle. It makes shampooing a whole lot easier and safer for my hair. All I do is put a little shampoo into it, fill it up with water and shake it vigorously. I put the nozzle on my scalp and squeeze gently, then I proceed to work up a lather. That's all. This method ensures that the diluted shampoo is concentrated on my scalp (this is where the safer part comes in as shampoo can strip hair leaving it dry and brittle) and not on my hair strands. When I'm  done shampooing ,I put in more water into the bottle, shake and rinse, and its ready for another day's use.

Hot oil treatments can get a little messy especially when you don't have a neat set up. With is applicator bottle, all I do is pour the oil mix into it, heat it up with the double boiler method and its ready for use. A little squeeze and a steady flow of soothing oil will course through your hair strands with little or no mess. Absolutely magical ;-)

I can mix my oils in this bottle and use it straight up to seal my hair after moisturising. It still has the no-spill, no-mess factor. All you do is unscrew the cover and you are ready to seal.

You can also use the bottle for Co-washing (the same basic idea with the shampooing only you use a conditioner in place of the shampoo) and Prepooing  (same as the hot oil treatment only the oils are not heated up in most cases).

 I love this bottle so much, I had to go back to buy another one. 1 use one for shampooing and the other for anything oily. As for the mineral oil inside the bottle, I use them for my synthetic wigs, so its a win win situation. As I always say : Easy does it!!

Thanks for stopping by ;-)



  1. things like this don't come easy so when i see one i quickly grab it oo

  2. Funny enough, this is wat I use too. I bought it for my weaves and later started using it as an applicator bottle. Just like I started using my body mist bottle as my spray

    1. You go girl. Re-purposing is the name of the game :-)

  3. Funny enough, this is wat I use too. I bought it for my weaves and later started using it as an applicator bottle. Just like I started using my body mist bottle as my spray


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