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Hi guys,
       Ekene over at Thekinkandi nominated me for the WHATS IN MY BAG TAG some weeks ago. I was really thrilled because Ekene is one of my favourite bloggers and I just love being tagged in anything (makes me feel all warm and fuzzy lol). So lets get down to business:

Going from left to right

 Tablet: I watch videos (hair tutorials on YouTube mostly ), edit photos, read and do all the doables on my tab.

Earphones: For listening to music super loud!!!

Awake and watchtower magazines: Just in case I have an opportunity to witness to someone in a waiting room or some other place.

Purse: I have had this purse for 5 years now. It holds cash and all my bank cards.

Makeup bag: I am pretty basic when it comes to make up. I don't really know how to do the advanced stuff so I just have regular black eye pencil, brown brow pencil, red lipstick, eye shadow palette and lip gloss (can you spy the toothbrush I use for my brows??)

Hand sanitizer: To protect me from all the germs flying, crawling and strolling about out there.

Hand cream: I wash my hands ALOT so you can imagine how dry my handskin skin feels without a little help.

Paloma super soft tissue: These are my favourite brand of mini tissues. I have at least one pack in each of my bags.

Disposable gloves: I guess these are the oddest things in my bag :-) I use them to open restroom doors (if there are people near me, I use tissue but I dig them out as soon as I get through the door), raise the toilet seat and finally flush. I trust my hand sanitizers but one cannot be too careful especially with toilet germs.

Lastly my Samsung galaxy S5: I use it for everything!

This was fun! Thanks to Ekene once again for the tag. I would love to tag BUITI and OBI.

Thanks for stopping by ...




  1. Okay. I really need to clean out my bag now. All your stuff looks so nice and neat. Love the red bag. Can we get details on it and what type of tablet you use? I'm attached to my iPad, but could really use something smaller to carry with me more often.

    1. Hi Joan, thank you for your kind words. The bag was a gift from my mom. My tablet is from Samsung. I am not too sure but its about the same size as an Ipad give or take a few inches. I know Samsung has really cool mini tablets so you could explore those options. Thanks for stopping by ;-)

  2. hello... I jst ran into ur blog... am trying to start my natural hair journey,tips pls

    1. Hi Buki! Thanks for stopping by. There are a lot of tips I could give you but i'll simply stick with these three:
      1. Don't buy every product you see, hear about or is recommended for natural hair. Choose wisely by reading tons of reviews before you commit your funds to any product
      2. Don't try to do everything. There are a lot of hair practices out there like mud washes, greenhouse effect, chelating, clarifying, inversion, Henna treatments etc. Not all of them are necessary or will even work for your hair. keep it simple- wash, condition, deep condition, moisturise and seal first and as time goes by you can incorporate other practices into your regimen.
      3. Don't be discouraged. You hair may not be on fleek for the first couple of months but with consistent healthy hair practices you'll see your hair flourish.
      I hope these tips help. Happy hair growing doll :-)

  3. nd ehmm, do u advice I ve d big chop or I jst wait for my relaxed hair to

    1. Its actually up to you. do you think you can manage the two textures (kinky roots and relaxed ends)? If you aren't sure then its best to big chop so you have a clean slate to start with.

  4. I know that purse!!! Hand gloves??? Hmmmmmm

    1. Lol, that old purse has been faithful! Pretend you didn't see those gloves...;-D

  5. LOL! I was wondering why you had hand gloves! Haha
    Nice read though

    1. Thanks doll. The fear of pathogens is real :-)

  6. I like the idea of the disposable gloves.

  7. Very funny, especially the glove part

  8. Thanks for the tag dear, I have something similar ooo
    I want that bag joo

    1. Lol do the tag and I'll tell my mom to hook you up :-)

  9. I want that RED bag! Its HOOTTTTTT!

    1. Lool Thanks Oma, I might be able to get my mom to hook you up!

  10. Yay, you did the tag!
    I've seen hand sanitizer on so many people's tags, it's making me think about my life! lol peer pressure.
    And I love those magazines. I always read them when I find them in waiting rooms! :)

    1. These days I think its just safer for your peace of mind to have one on hand. Its positive peer pressure I think. I'm glad you love our magazines doll :-) you rock!

  11. Gloves? Oh dear! I guess we can never be too careful. Everything in your bag is in mine, sans the Watchtower and gloves. I'm tempted to say "but yours is in a much neater state than mine" but the green eyed monster counters it with "surely she must have cleaned up before posting on her blog?" LOL.

    1. Don't mind me, I'm a little too paranoid for my own good. I did clean up a little but not so much, my bag is always neat and clean :-)


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