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Hi guys,
    Its been 2 years since I decided to grow my hair out natural, can you believe that? It seems just like yesterday to me. I am really happy with my decision and I only wish I had made it earlier,who knows how huge my fro would have been if I had started 4 years ago. Oh well, its better late than never. During these past 2 years I have had my ups and downs. The ups for me include the joy I feel each time its length check day and I see that my hair has grown a couple of cms past the last time. I also love my hair when I fro it out and random people I meet almost hi5 me. The best up is the self reliance I now have. I wash, deep condition and style my hair myself 99.9% of the time. No more pain and no more raw boned hands digging into my scalp at the salon. The downs have been few and far in between and for that I am thankful. I have learnt so much and grown with my hair, it almost seems we are buddies. Weird but true.  Here are my progress pictures:





 It has been an incredibly rewarding journey. All the products and techniques I used and the countless hours (and mb) I have spent watching those YouTube videos brought results. These pictures prove that our hair can grow, if only we put in the effort. I am determined to step up and do all I can to nourish and grow this mane of mine and who knows? Maybe I might hit waist length some day.

I wish you all health, length and curls that pop (-;



  1. My hair is not growing ooooo. I will soon vex and cut it lol. Well done.

    1. It's growing dear. Probably breaking off at the ends. Step up your deep conditioning and moisturising and I'm sure you'll see a difference.

  2. Lovely. This is encouraging even though I am man. I love natural hair on a woman and I genuinely appreciate those who preserve theirs.

  3. Nice!! Soo long and full! I like!! But u didn't exactly say wat u've been using, so we cld also try it out for our hair to grow like urs!!

    1. Hiya Aurea. Thanks alot. I didn't talk about my regimen because I have done a detailed post on it before. It's titled 5 ways to get longer hair.

    2. Plz what are d five ways? Mine keeps frizzling and breaking... that's my mail adress. I just got here via anoda blog. Thanks.

    3. Hello Isis,
      I have sent you a mail with the link.

    4. I am having a serious problem with my hair, more like hair loss. It's really serious that I have decided to cut it and start over again. My fear is m, will it grow again? Pls suggest things I can do to ensure its re- growth. Thanks..

    5. Hello Rita, you hair will always grow back. To prevent breakage you need to moisturise and seal and avoid heavy manipulation. Click on this link to go to my article on hair breakage :

  4. Its really nice to see this blog and I must say am thankful and happy for your hair...I just started mine a month ago and am like what and what should I do? Do I wash my hair daily?weekly?monthly? I want mine to grow! What and how do I start and again,do you make your hair at all?? Please answer! Thanks

    1. Thanks a lot dear. You do not need to go all crazy on your hair just find a regimen and stick to it. I only wash my hair once a month but that's because I cowash in between and I also use apple cider vinegar to combat itchiness. Just listen to your hair. If its dirty, wash it. If it feels dry, moisturise it etc. To begin, get yourself a moisturising conditioner, a leave-in conditioner, a shampoo and some Shea butter or any other oil you can seal with. Infact I think I will do a post for newbie naturals in the near future. And please don't worry, you'll be a guru in no time. To answer your last question, I make my hair but I choose styles I can comfortably do myself.

  5. Replies
    1. Nice! I wish you the best in your hair journey.

  6. Awesome. I am still debating whether or not to big chop my hair by June 19th which is my 1 year transition to natural anniversary. I have about 8 inches of natural growth but i havent had hair that short in years.

    1. Hiya pink. Do what you know works for you. Short hair is hard to manage esp when it comes to styling so if you don't have the time or patience you can transition as long as you want. Just know that your curls are awesome whether long or short . Thanks for stopping by (:

  7. Wow...So much growth in two years. You are blessed with hair. Lol

  8. Wow...So much growth in two years. You are blessed with hair. Lol


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