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Hi guys,
    Although I was a little slow on the uptake, I finally joined Instagram and in less than an hour afterwards I was already addicted. My raison d'être? Track down awesome naturals with special emphasis on Nigerian naturals, and as one hashtag says: Naturals Dey!!!!!
Here 5 Nigerian naturals I am currently stalking on Instagram:

YAGAZIE EMEZI @yagazieemezi
From what I deduce, Yagazie is an Igbo girl with a Malaysian mom. She's this wild earth child/hippie being, a culturati of some sort and an amazing photographer. But the thing that keeps me stalking her page is to have a glimpse of her wild mane. Which mane ? Well, THIS mane:

Mufasa has got nothing on you girl!

She doesn't really do a lot of styles so if you are looking for style inspiration you might be a little disappointed. But if like me you like to get frospiration, then she's your gal. Her fro is awesome, so thick and lush that it almost wants to make me stick my fingers in there. No homo though.

KEHINDE ADEYEMI @kehindeadeyemii
She  makes me think of Paris Hilton's catch phrase (that's hot! ) each and every time. Why? Well check out that hair: Blazing hot, no? I love her thick, flame coloured fro and the best thing about Kehinde is she can create amazing styles by herself. You may not be too impressed because many naturals do that, but her styles are a little more intricate and neater than the average run of the mill afro puff. See for yourself:

 Crocheted Yarn locs done by herself.

Need I say more.

Curlformer set.

 You are loving her already right? Told you! Her hair colour is a joy to look at. I love that she is not afraid to take risks with her hair. I am living vicariously through her on this hair colour matter.

CURLY BOLA @curlybola
I think she's an artist. That's the only way I can explain how she creates master pieces with her 4c hair. I have watched a couple of her youtube videos and I think shes really really good at this hair stuff. The hair styles she creates are simple yet elegantly stunning. Yes hunty, if you are looking for updos this is your mentor. Take a look at these:

If this isn't art then I don't know what is.

Absolutely stunning I say. 4c hair never looked so good.

SILHOUETTEESTHERTOM @silhouetteesthertom
She's a photographer with an eye for detail. You can tell by looking at the pictures she posts. Interspersed with her potraits are pictures of stunning hairstyles she creates by herself. Her hair is coloured too. One more person to live vicariously through (;

ELLPUGGY @ellpuggy
I found her recently and I'm loving her already. She is a good cook who shares her cooking skills on her other Instagram page @els_colina. According to her Instagram bio she is also a nurse and a blogger. I wonder where she finds time to do all these cute hairstyles. I must warn you though - her hair is coloured too (:

As you can see she's not afraid to experiment with colour. I wish I could be that bold but alas...

There are a lot of other supremely talented Nigerian naturals I follow on Instagram but these ones have me on full stalker mode right now. I love them and I hope you'll come to love them too, as we become fellow stalkers on IG (;

Thanks for stopping by.



  1. Chei. See natural hair giving me life. If I follow them I'll end up depressed cos this my hair eh. Anyway, it's my fault. I have neglected my hair. Off to instagram to follow.

    1. Lol. You won't be discouraged. It's actually a wake up call to step up so one day you'll be featured (-;

  2. Mehn... I'm inspired. Besides my very one kind afro, I dont do anything with my hair. I'm not even sure how long it is sef. But these are very lovely. Off to instagram, let the stalking begin!

    1. Instagram is a haven for natural hair styles. I am addicted. You can get hair style tutorials, product reviews and lots more from there. Awesome stuff I tell ya

    2. Mehn... this post was really helpful. I tried @ellpuggy's textured bun on my hair today, everybody I met complimented it. I've been reading her tutorials and stuff... y'all that have been natural for so long are really trying.

      Kudos ma'am

  3. This is lovely... Thanks dear for the feature and great job on ur blog keep it up!!😘 #teamNatural

  4. Beautiful styles! Thanks for this info. I shall begin to follow them.

  5. I love these especially the red hair! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Wow! These ladies are Nigerian? Wow! The pictures make me wanna go natural. And the colours are so lovely...I've got a thing for blue colour tho...

  7. Wow wow wow is all I can say. Curly Bola blew my heart away with her art. Thanks for this. Really amazing.

  8. Yagazie's mane is everything! I'm always up for frospiration anytime any day.
    For updos, Curly Bola is everything, that's art personified.

  9. great post. they are awesome.


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