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Hi Guys,
     Like I promised on Instagram I am going to gist you guys about my Hair Trigger DIY gone wrong! As you may already know, DIY is my thing. I love it. I also love hair growth about as much. So when I heard about Hair Trigger Growth Elixir from Dabs of NHCG I knew I had to get it. I went to their website and saw this;

 Promises: "Hair Trigger Explosive Growth Elixir is an extraordinary formulation of vitamins, all natural herbs, and oils slowly infused with the special capsaicin properties of Cayenne Pepper. This blend has been proven to accelerate hair growth and thickness deep into the root of the follicle Where Healthy hair actually begins. The result is up to double - triple* your normal rate of hair growth in as little as 2 months with noticeable results in as little as 1 week. Some have grown from their normal rate of .5 inches to an accelerated growth rate of 1.5 inches in just 1 month!"

 So I mailed her (This was about 2 years ago when I began my hair journey) a list of the things I wanted to buy for my hair and Hair Trigger was number 1 on the list. I eagerly awaited her response for the price. To my shock I saw - Hair Trigger -8 oz N5000. I shouted!!! For one product???  Ha! I told her to remove it from my list kia kia but I couldn't stop thinking about the 1.5 inches I could get in one month. I would look at my small fro in the mirror every morning and say ''all you need is some trigger mehn" but I was still not willing to part with the 5k. One morning I discerned that my reflection was tired of hearing "all you need is some trigger". I knew it was time to make my own, after all the inventor of the Hair Trigger was a human like me. So just like any serious inventor I went to the hair trigger website and stole the secret formula:

Ingredients: Avocado oil, castor oil, clary sage oil, jojoba oil, rosemary oil, safflower oil, biotin, silica, black tea, cayenne pepper, garlic, onion

Remember this was two years ago. I was still new in this hair business so didn't recognize most of the names there so I decided to go with the ones I knew. I wrote a checklist of all the ingredients and studied them one by one. It looked something like this:

Avocado oil- Huh? Avocado we eat has oil?Hian
Castor oil - Check
Clary sage oil- Clary sage? What in the world is that?
Jojoba oil- Jojo wetin?
Rosemary oil- Huh??
Safflower oil- Double huh??
Biotin- Google says it occurs in egg yolk and green veggies. I'll just up my intake that's all.
Silica- Cecilia? Gerrarahere!
Black tea- I'll drink it. I'm sure it will work best internally.
Cayenne pepper-  check! See highlighted above. It is the main component of the 'Trigger.
Garlic- Check
Onion- Check!

After removing the "strange" ingredients I was left with : Castor oil, Cayenne pepper, Garlic and Onions. No problem. I went to Ajah Market and bought them.
From the  product description on the Hair Trigger website, I found that the ingredients are infused into an oil. After some research I decided to use olive oil to create the infusion. I got 2 small bottles and some olive oil and prepared my ingredients.

Cayenne pepper prep
Onion and garlic prep

I infused each one for 15 days exactly. How happy I was to see the " homemade Hair Trigger" I was going to attach MNFR after my name from now on and if anyone asked me what that meant I would proudly say Manufacturer!!!

I sieved out the debris

My homemade "Hair Trigger"

After combining the oils I added the castor oil and shook it vigorously. I shampooed my hair, air dried and proceeded to trigger my scalp. At first I didn't know why I was dizzy. Then it hit me!! Define pungent, putrid, fetid, malodorous, stinking and combine them all! That was what was on my hair.  My entire room was covered with the horrible smell of concentrated garlic and onions. I quickly washed it off. I waited for another week and decided to try again. I decided to prepoo with it this time. I put it on while breathing with my mouth to avoid the smell. I covered with a showercap and slept immediately. Woke up and took my showercap off. The smell knocked me off my feet. I shampooed desperately. Once. Twice. I air dried and ran my fingers through my hair. The smell was faintly present. I shampooed again and co-washed with a conditioner ( cant remember which one now). Thankfully this time the smell was gone. I looked at the bottle of "hair trigger" sadly. It had to be tossed. I was not a manufacturer after all. And funny enough my hair still grew without it. Moral of this long story: Buy the Trigger, don't do it at home.

I still refuse to fork out 5k for 8 oz of product.

Thanks for stopping by,


  1. Loooool.Funny enough, I was just thinking about hair trigger a couple of days ago.My thought process went "cayenne pepper, shebi that's ground pepper na?"but this your story has discouraged me o!

    1. Lol please don't be discouraged. You might have a better experience than I did.

    2. Hello Darkchildlovethehair, I love your story. I tried to purchase the hairtriggergrowthelixir and I have not received my order. Do you know if anyone else is experiencing this issue with this company?

    3. Hello Darkchildlovethehair, I love your story. I tried to purchase the hairtriggergrowthelixir and I have not received my order. Do you know if anyone else is experiencing this issue with this company?

  2. Lmao... So much humour in one post. I think adding few drops of essential oils would reduce the awful smell. I might try it out someday when boredom hits me. You are my DIY role model.

  3. Looolll. I can't even laff. The idea of putting pepper extract on the hair hasn't still sunk in my head. At least, you tried it, and your gave in to you curiosity.

    African Naturalistas Hair Clinic goes Online!!!

    1. It's the pepper that supposedly stimulates the follicles. Hmmm the desperation for hair growth is real(-:

  4. Lmao

    I had tears in my eyes, reading that.

    Abeg, my hair should grow at its normal pace.
    I no fit shout.

  5. Loooool. Can't stop laughing. Once I saw the ingredients I knew yoy had a funny storry to tell. Im all for length o but biko 5k? Pls wen u finally buy yours, kindly tell me so I can pay you a friendly visit hehehe...

    1. Lmao. Will I ever buy, that's the real question lol.

  6. Hahahaaha this is hilarious.Infused cayenne pepper,did you not feel hell right on your scalp?.But seriously,this is how a lot of manufacturers start out,you could be one still.

    1. I couldn't feel anything , the odour knocked out all my senses lol

  7. Hahaaa! Very brave of trigger is an investment oh, a little goes a looonnngggg way, I've had my present bottle for over a year...x

    1. Really? I might consider then. When I'm older and braver lol

  8. looooool. better buy from dabs jeje! funny post!

  9. Lol. This was too funny. Just buy the trigger oh.

  10. Oh my! I'm laughing like a hyena. Pepper, garlic and onion in your hair...
    You are very very brave. I've heard all the growth inducing properties of all three but they belong in my pot. That infused oil would make a fab salad dressing or spice up some yummy jollof rice.
    Your hair trigger has triggered my tummy.

  11. Hahahahaha!! This post is just too funny.

    Kim MNFR :)

  12. Am impressed!! Am happy to meet a kindred spirit! Please keep up d good work. Thigh you are giving me the guilt trip just forked out 13k for some oil and conditioner that are meant to help with my abused hairline.... It's all good, am going to try the infused oil🙃For my kitchen

  13. Late to the party but what did they say about he who laughs
    When I saw the ingredients left, I was like that would make pepper
    You are brave and strong o. For the HairTrigger to do you long throat, give you sleepless nights so tey you enter market go shop!!! To be honest I don't mind spending money on what won't let me rest...kpata kpata I would have learnt a lesson.
    It was good you tried though...I enjoyed reading your know how we readers love making guinea pigs of our
    If it worked, we'd have all headed for the market!!!


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