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Hi Friends!
 It's been a while eh? I have never been so busy in my entire life!! Thankfully I have learned to cope and I hope I can make more time for blogging. Now to the post for today: Buying hair products without regret.
I remember how hard it was to choose hair products when I newly bigchopped. I didn't know anyone who had natural hair so I had to rely on blogs and YouTube for hair styling and product suggestions. I went all out back then. Buying different hair products that somehow ended up in a pile I call the Rejects. I still cringe when I think of how much money I wasted back then. Since that time I have grown. Now I understand that buying products is an art. You can't just buy any product you see and hope for the best. Here are 5 tips to help you up your hair product buying game (-;

I cannot stress this enough. Always read at least 5 reviews of a product before you buy it. How to do it? Simple. Just type in the product name in full and write reviews at the end. It should be something like this : ORS REPLENISHING CONDITIONER REVIEWS. A lot of reviews will come up for your viewing pleasure. Naturallycurly is a great site to check out hair product reviews from. Its an online community of women with natural hair giving their reviews on natural hair products they've tried before. You can also find good reviews on Amazon. Note that even if a products has tons of good reviews, it doesn't mean it will work for you. Its just a guide to help you chose better. And don't feel ashamed to whip out your phone in the shop. Its your money. Look at the product and feed the name right into your browser and read away.

It might be time consuming but  its best to read the ingredients to see if there are ingredients you'd prefer to stay away from. For instance many naturals including myself avoid products with petrolatum, mineral oil and lanolin. So when I want to buy a new product I read the ingredients to see it contains anyone of these 3 ingredients. You should also check to see if the ingredients you want are in there. For example, I check for water as the first ingredient in any leave-in I intend to buy and then I read on to see if humectants like glycerine are also present before I finally make a choice.

One mistake I've seen people make is buying products they do not need. For instance you may find a natural with super thick dry hair buying a volumizing conditioner. I mean really???? What she needs is a moisturising conditioner. That's why its super important to read the LABEL carefully so you don't end up buying something that wont help your hair. Learn what labels mean so you know exactly what you are buying. Another thing to consider is this: do I really need this product? Lets say I just read a blog post about Rhasoul clay, do I really need to buy it? Ask yourself how will a clay treatment fit into my regimen. I wish I had thought of that before I spent N3500 buying Rhasoul clay I only used once and will most likely never use again.

So you've read the reviews, examined the ingredients with a microscope and all seems well and then you pick two or three of the said product and proceed to check out. You get home and you try the product out and alas! Your hair says nay. What next? You'll be stuck with 2 or 3 products you dont need. The only thing worse than buying a hair product that doesn't work for you is buying more than one. Always buy a first time product one at a time and be sure you like it before re-stocking.

With the Nigerian economy being the way it is everyone is trying to make or save a buck or two. That being said, retailers of hair products can be funny so you need to keep a sharp eye out. One seller might stock Cantu Shea Butter for N2500 and still another seller will stock that same product for N2200. Its best to compare prices first before buying so you can make the best choices.

These are just a few tips that have helped me with product buying. I hope they help you too. if you have any other suggestions to add please comment down below.

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