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Hi guys,
    In my last post I told you I was super excited about this update. The reason is simple - my hair grew!!! I love doing length checks because they make me know that my regimen is working and my hair appreciates every kiss and hug I throw its way. Without further ado, here are my 15 months post BC pictures.

If you compare these pictures with the ones from my last update you'll notice that I retained quite a bit of length. I think I had about 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" of growth in most places. Now I can do a low pony tail ;-)

Please ignore the rubber band, I am an Unrepentant sinner :-(
For the first time in ages I felt like using a flat iron to straighten my hair so I could really see how long it has grown, but my fear of heat damage held me back. I do not want to lose even 1 single curl so I had to hold myself back. In my next length check I will use a tape measure just to know in terms of inches what my progress is. This month's length check made me really happy because it feels good to see how your efforts are paying off, I almost cannot wait for November ;-)

Thanks for stopping by...


  1. Congrats on your growth. It really grew fast for 15 months! Cool!!

  2. Whoosh!! Nicee!

  3. Your hair has really grown. I feel you about using heat: I have used a flat iron once this year.

  4. My daughter is chocolate in complexion but has a very brown hair. i have dark long hair and her brothers hair are also very dark. I'm worried coz she wears natural hair but it is brown as in very light in color. Are there natural remedies to make her hair dark and rich in color.

  5. Hi, a natural remedy you can try is an Indigo hair dye over a Henna hair dye. stocks both powders. Click this link to see how it is done :
    Note though that this treatment may loosen the curl pattern over time. You will also need to deep condition your hair more. I hope this helps.

  6. yay! your hair is longer nice

  7. congrats on 15 months post relaxer...I'll be 1 year next month. Super excited

  8. Absolutely amazing.
    Mine's 7months now and rather stunted now that I compare it to yours.
    I absolutely have NO regimen but, that's just cos I unconsciously feel it doesn't matter as it's just a TWA- now I'm honestly reconsidering, how do I even start?

    1. You cant go wrong with deep conditioning every other week and moisturing and sealing as your hair needs it. That way when your Big Ass Fro shows up,all your strands will be lush with curls popping everywhere ;-)

  9. I followed ur DIYs,deepconditioning and all,from last year my hair grew to a very big fro, saloons kept turning me down,laziness set-in, I couldn't continue so I cut it down...Now I'm starting afresh wit a TWA,please guide me through...Where do I start?

  10. Hello Ada, sorry to hear about your experience. Its best to begin with the usual moisturising and sealing. You can also deep condition about once or twice a month. Prepping your hair for the salon is also important. You need to condition and detangle properly before you set out. Not everyone can handle a head full of curls so make it easier for hairdressers by doing some homework. All the best

  11. Ok...def will do better this time.Thank you

  12. CONGRATULATIONS!! You've done awesome. I love your hair :-)

  13. Ur hair really respects u. Uve done well.

    1. LOL @ your hair really respects you. Thanks a lot cindy.

  14. Awww that's a lot of progress!!
    Yay growth!!

  15. This is oh wow! oh wow! oh wow!

  16. Congratulations on your hair. That's super growth. A lot of reward for a lot of hard work


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