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Hi guys,
A synonym is a word with the same or similar meaning of another word. Words that are synonyms are said to be synonymous, and the state of being a synonym is called synonymy. For example the synonyms for a Wash and Go are:
Single Strand Knots
Multiple Strand Knots etc.

Sorry for the half baked English lesson ;-) but if you are a natural I'm sure you might agree with the above. Nothing looks nicer than a well oiled 'Fro but after rocking one I end up cursing myself when I am trying to get rid of the Single Strand knots that have congregated on my head at the end of the day. I avoided Wash and Gos for a while as I suggested in this post I did about dealing with Single strand knots but sometimes I miss my fro and I just have to let it out. Thankfully I finally found a way to end my Wash and Go days with little or no tangles.

A wash and Go kind of day.


Can you see the white specks on my hair from the Cantu Shea butter for Natural hair? SMH

                                                START WELL
By this I  mean moisturising and sealing properly before you leave the house. I use a leave-in and an oil and then my Shea Butter mix. I just don't slap it on. I carefully apply them all over and then (this is the most important part) FOCUS on my ends. Oily ends find it difficult to wrap around each other so I make sure the Shea Butter mix coats my ends very well. the Shea butter also helps my hair retain moisture better so my hair isn't dry by the end of the day.

I use this on damp hair
I seal with an oil.

I top it all up with this heavy duty sealant

                                               DO NOT DELAY
Here is the important part. As SOON as I get home I work on my hair, I do not do anything else. I drop my stuff , wash my hands, take off my clothes and then I begin. First I touch the hair to check if its still soft and moist. If it is,I divide my hair into 4 sections, lightly detangle if there's a need to and then I braid each of them up. If the hair is dry, I spray it with warm water and put on a shower cap. I can now go and find food or unload my stuff. After 10 minutes I take off the shower cap and I feel the hair again. By this time it should be soft and ready for braiding. If the hair is knotty or tangled, I  section the hair and apply a bit of conditioner. I cover it up with a shower cap and leave it on for about 10 minutes. When I take off the cap I LIGHTLY finger detangle and braid it up. I rinse off during my shower. It is only after my hair is in braids that I can now relax and go about my life. When I am ready to sleep I throw on a satin bonnet and I'm ready for bed.

20 minutes after I got home. In my PJs with my hair braided up ;-)

This is how I end my wash and Go days successfully. I find that if I don't moisturise and seal properly or if I delay in putting my hair in braids when I get home I always have tangles. The next time you do a Wash and Go try this and see if it works for you :-)



  1. You use Parachute Coconut Oil too? Love it!

    1. Yes I do. Its the only brand of coconut oil my hair likes.

  2. Nice tips, certainly learnt a thing or 2 :-)

  3. my stylist, my stylist lol thank for the tips

  4. I find that the easier way to be certain my ends get love is by doing the shingling method. I used to always neglect my ends a lot until I learned to shingle!!! Wash and go is not for me tho. I've got an odd growth pattern and crazy shrinkage so its either in protective styles with yarn or I do corn rows!!!

    1. Yeah I feel you on taking proper care of our ends. I only do wash and Gos because sometimes you just have to let the fro out, you know ;-) Helps me remember what I'm working hard for.

  5. Thanks so very much for the useful tips, and I must say shea butter products are very good. I'm so jealous of your fro right now - go girl!!!

  6. You could try motions wieghtless detangling conditioner it allways works for me

    1. I tried it once and it didn't do much for my hair. Thanks for the suggestion tho.


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