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Hi guys,
   I am back and hopefully I will be better than before. Its a new year with new possibilities and I hope we all get to do our very best this year. As you all know I LURVE DIY!! If I could, I would change my middle name to DIY (although it would sound weird but who cares??? Lol) So the other day I was messing around with some stuff and I decided to create this super cute floral headband that I love so much. Here's how to make yours :
You'll Need

I used a Nice sturdy Bra strap for this. Naughty me!!
Let's begin 

Remove the flowers from the stems and if you wish to add leaves, remove them also.

Arrange the flowers and leaves how you would like them to appear on the headband.

Sew the first flower/leave on your line up on the head band. Ensure your stiches are barely visible on the flower/leave. If you are using regular elastic for this its best to sew the ends together before you start stitching on the flowers/leaves. Since I used a Bra strap that has closures at the end I decided to leave it open.


Now continue taking either a flower or a leave from your line up and sewing them as close together as possible. your rhythm should be leave/flower/leave/flower/leave and so on.

A quick Tip 

To ensure the flowers and leaves don't come apart I stitched them together first before sewing them on to the band. You see that black thread at the base of the flower? That's what holds the flower together.

Since I used an open strap with closures I had to sew the flowers on both sides of the straps while making sure the flowers/leaves at each end hide the straps from sight.

I stitched the flower right on top of the strap to hide it from view. If you are using a sealed head band or elastic, you don't have to do this. Just sew them right on till you get to the last flower/leave.
As you can see, the closures are hidden from sight with a leave on the left and a flower on the right to keep the rhythm going. Next I continued stitching leaves and flowers from my line up till they finished.

For those who use a sealed headband like these:

 All you need to do is comb out your fro and slip it on. If you wanna live on the edge like me and use a bra strap,  just comb out your fro and place the strap on your head from back to front, making sure the flowers are in front and snap the closures together. Voila your very own headband!!! I hope you enjoy making yours like I did mine.
Thanks for stopping by


  1. This is beautiful!!
    The bouquet I have is the one I used as a bridesmaid so I'll get another one and make mine.

    1. Thanks for stopping by doll.
      Cant wait to see how yours turns out.

  2. Hi,
    Great blog.
    I just joined the natural team. Though my hair is still very short, I'm already looking for products to use, ways to care and bla bla bla... If you can, please, mail so we can start a conversation. I will appreciate your being the hair mentor. Look forward to hear from you.

    1. Lol @ hair mentor. I am a learner too. Expect a mail soon.

  3. This is pretty, i will definitely try thi sout

  4. that's really cool. i'm gonna try one very soon.- Ada

  5. Awww you are so creative dear - keep it up! Have you ever considered selling bands? I know lots of people who love bands and I'm definitely one of them - I have over 20 and I think that's not enough lol

    1. Thanks Obi! I havent thought about selling them but who knows.. I love bands, they are just the perfect accessory to a fro.

  6. Your band is so cute! The flower crowns I've been seeing around aren't just it abeg, when I'm ready I'll follow your tutorial & put my long forgotten bra straps to good use :)

    1. Loool@ long forgotten bra straps? Thanks for the compliment! I cant wait to see your's.

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  8. So helpful and easy too!
    Haha I knew that was a bra strap, I'd try it with both the bra strap and headband.
    Thanks for sharing. :)


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