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Hi there,
  In this Post I talked about this conditioner I have been buying like a crazy person-VO5 moisture milks moisturizing conditioner with soy milk protein ( I got the strawberry & cream scent) and today I'm here with a review.
 Meet the Product:

Product Claims:
Contains 5 essential vitamins for healthy hair
Vitamin E: Promotes scalp circulation and restores moisture
Vitamin H: promotes thicker, stronger hair
Vitamin C: protects hair from UV rays
Vitamin B5: A moisturiser/humectant that readily binds to hair
Vitamin B3: moisturises and promotes hair growth

Water(Aqua,eau), cetyl alchohol.stearalkonium chloride.cetrimonium chloride,fragrance,glyceryl stearate,DMDM hydanton,disodium edta,red33,polysorbate 20,propylene glycol,stearyl alcohol,steareth-21,tocopheryl acetate,soymilk,panthenol,ascorbic acid,fragaria vesca(strawberry) leaf extract, niacinamide, biotin

After shampooing, apply to wet hair. Leave on as desired. Rinse thoroughly. Avoid contact with eyes .
How I used product:
 I use it on dry hair to detangle, on wet/dry/damp hair to condition and I also use it as a Co-wash. Here's my verdict:
The good:
It is really really moisturising
It sinks in and softens instantly
It detangles like a dream 
Its cone free
Its cheap (N400)
It smells divine

The bad:
No complaints at all

The ugly:

Dark Child rating: 9/10
 Give it a try and see if you love it as much as i do. As for me,I have ditched all my other conditioners and I'm clinging to this fella right here.



  1. Where can I get one to buy? And as well what shampoo do you use?

    1. Hi, I get it from Blenco supermarket,Ajah. As for shampoos I use
      Kids organics and african black soap. I hope this helps :-)

  2. yes , was about to ask same question.

  3. Will def give it a try - going to give you feedback soon

  4. Been on the hunt for a good conditioner.
    Would search for this product.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks for d recommendation honey. Will def search it out.

  6. I run through this a lot when I'm at home!
    It's 650 naira there though :(
    Not my fave but yes, this is a good conditioner.
    I concur!!

    1. N650?? These shop owners should fear God o! Its my fave for now. I wonder which conditioner will knock it off its number 1 spot :-)

  7. Try natur vital moisturising conditioner, it'l sure knock VO5 off your number 1 spot,its great for co-washing and retains moisture

  8. I've tried Natur Vital. It's okay but Vo5 wins . It hits all the right notes for me. I have 2 issues with it though: it's too watery(so I don't DC with it to avoid dripping) and it finishes quicky(a result of being too watery). Otherwise, I love it and it's a staple for me


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