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Hi there,
    I heard a really inspiring quote recently that I'd love to share. It goes something like this: Every setback is a setup for a comeback. It was one of those quotes that didn't make any sense to me at first but as I mulled over it I began to get the sense of it. You cannot make a comeback if you haven't had a setback. I have had 3 major hair setbacks in recent years. The first and most devastating occurred in   2011. I was relaxed then and had fairly good hair and unlike some others I had a full hair line. One day I decided I was bored with my usual long weaves and decided to try something new- a pixie cut glue-on weave. It looked really good and I got compliments from almost everybody until one hot sticky day 3 weeks later. I was hot, my hair itched like mad and all I wanted was to feel cold water on my scalp. I had to take off my weave but it was glued on! After trying to gently remove it for some time I lost my patience and yanked off the wig... and my entire hairline :-(  I was devastated. I still am. Three years after I'm still waiting for her to come back.

My hairline once upon a time

Hairline now :-(

 The second setback I suffered was in 2012. I was getting fed up of going to salons and I decided to maintain my hair myself. I used a flat iron every other day with only baby oil as  "protection". Within a matter of weeks my hair started breaking off like crazy. It was every where, my combs, my clothes my towel, on the bathroom floor etc. I managed it until early 2013 when I finally decided to start a healthy hair journey.

Best comeback of all- returned to natural!!!

 My third setback happened just last week. I read about a kind of protective style from Thekinkandi called crochet braiding and I wanted to try it out. Somehow I managed to snip off a portion of my front hair while I was taking down  the braids. I was devastated because my hair could now fit into a ponytail and I was really happy and already preparing a post about it when I found the bald spot. Setbackville!

My hair can now fit into a ponytail! Err what's that up front?

See the bald spot? Was too distraught to point the arrows accurately:-(

Now back to that quote : Every setback is a setup for a comeback. How does it apply to my hair? The first setback saw me losing all my front hair but it has given me an opportunity to learn patience which will help me in my current healthy hair journey. As I wait for my hairline to return I am constantly reminded that my hair needs TLC, no pulling, tugging or yanking and definitely no glue ever again.
The second setback saw me destroying my hair with direct heat. That has given me an opportunity to make an epic comeback: I finally began a healthy hair journey!! And in the process I returned to natural and I am loving it.
And the third setback saw me sniping off a bit of my front hair. I'm still looking forward to the comeback whatever form it might take.

Dealing with setbacks
For now I am trying to deal with my current setback by leaving my hair alone. I do not focus on that bald spot, rather I try to see the rest of my hair in the ponytail. Since wigs are my current protective style I will just keep the hair hidden away until it covers up (by growing out). I refuse to be discouraged after all if I haven't learnt anything from the waist length sisters on YouTube its that setbacks are more common than not. They survived and so will I. Finally I will learn from my mistakes and do better next time.
I know I am not the only on who has  had setbacks but never loose hope. Always remember that EVERY SETBACK IS A SETUP FOR A COMEBACK!!



  1. I can relate to the first set back AND AM STILL ON MY JOURNEY ...

  2. Here's to awesome comebacks then :-)

  3. Keep going honey I am sure you'll get there


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