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DIY crochet braids :-)

Hi there,
   I love DIY projects. I think its absolutely rewarding to create stuff yourself and whenever I get the chance I dive in without hesitation. Some time ago I heard about a certain kind of protective style called crochet braids. Its where you use something like a crochet hook to latch hair(already braided single strands, Marley hair or any kind of braiding hair)through a single cornrow bit by bit till your whole head is covered with the hair. I didn't know how to go about it until I read it up on AB's blog. She posted a YouTube video by Jouelzy that explained how to do crochet braids with a bobby pin which was fine by me as I didn't have a crochet hook. So one boring Monday night I sat down and dove right in. I did not remember to take pictures in the beginning so pardon me.

What I used
  •  A bobby pin
  •  Rat tail comb for the parts
  • Noble Marley braiding hair( I used 4 or 5 packs)
  • I made 12 cornrows on my head.
  • Starting from the back I inserted the head of the bobby pin into the row I wanted to attach the hair to.
  • I left the pin in halfway through the row so the head sticks out just enough to allow a piece of the Marley hair slide through.
  • Then I took a piece of the braiding hair, twisted the end and then pushed the twisted end through the head of the pin gently so as not to dislodge it.
  • Next I pulled the hair through and matched up the ends. When they were  matched up I gently pulled the bobby pin( with the Marley hair securely attached) backwards as if to remove it. The Marley hair slid right through my cornrow with the pin. I didn't let it go too far though.
  • Then I removed the bobby pin from the Marley hair and tied the Marley hair in a knot around itself so it doesn't slide off.
  • I worked from left to right at first then I later went row by row. Sounds complicated but its super easy. Here are some pictures
A regular hair pin opened up for easy use

Noble bulk hair (N700 per pack) 
 I made 12 cornrows  and started attaching the hair through the eye of the  bobby pin
I attached hair from left to right at first then I started doing it line by line 
All done with the right side 
 All done!

Worthy of note
It took me 6 hours from start to finish( I almost passed out!)
I made the cornrows too small and too tight so pulling the hair through was a nightmare!! next time I'll make the rows bigger and looser
The braiding hair I used was sooo heavy!( The last time I'll use it for this purpose) It was like I was balancing a tray of cocoyams on my head. Thats what did the hairstyle in at the end. I couldn't cope with the weight and so after having it in for about 5 minutes I decided to cut it short... and it was ruined!!:(

 Egged on by some unseen forces I cut the hair and promptly ruined the style :(

Uneven, unequal and uncool ends stared me in the face. I had no choice but to take it all off and chalk it up to experience. It was during removal that I accidentally chopped off my front hair.
The bald eagle :(
If the braiding hair hadn't been so heavy I would have rocked the hairstyle. I love the ideas of crochet braiding because its so gentle on your hair. No pressure on your edges whatsoever. They are a great protective style for those who would love to braid or wear a weave without bothering about needles breaking  hair each time it passes through. I've learnt my lessons with this first trial and believe it or not I intend to install crochet braids  sometime this month. Hopefully I'll tell you about it soon.
Thanks for stopping by :)




  1. Oops! @ least you've learnt from it. I hope to try crotchet braids soon. Have to get the tools to install them first though.

    1. Yes dear, lesson learnt. I look forward to reading your post on your crochet braid adventure.
      Ps: The bobby pin worked well so maybe you can try it out (I would recommend a jumbo size bobby pin since you live in the uk where its easily accessible)

  2. LOL Cocoyams really?!
    Your crochet braids turned out really nice!
    Mine were heavy at first (4 packs) so I had to pull out a lot right there at the salon before I left.
    I forgot to mention in the post that the lower back was actually almost empty.
    Please try it again, it really suits you!

    1. Thanks doll! I will definitely try it again with lighter marley hair to avoid the cocoyam seller situation :-) Thanks for stopping by

  3. Aah! you wouldn't have cut it. It looked so nice. Do it again joo

    1. Thanks buiti,but they were just too heavy. I will do it again with lighter hair. Thanks for stopping by :-)

  4. Blessings....
    i am not much for DIY per say though i have some things that i do for myself. (1) As a youth, i learned to do my own extensions because it was too frustrating and humiliating to have to beg others to do it for me. (2) Couple of years ago i taught myself to make earrings, i have gotten pretty good at it and refuse to purchase cheap earrings with substandard materials for ridiculous prices. I only use sterling silver and its well worth it. I have even sold some and gotten orders. The rest of the DIY is about life demanding that you learn to be self-sufficient out of necessity.

    Have a blessed week.

  5. The style turned out really good but too bad it was heavy. Thanks for suggesting an alternative to the crochet pin- bobby pins. I might be trying it soon :)

    1. Thanks Nikki.I look forward to seeing your take on crochet braids.

    2. Hi my lady's name is Nikki 2

  6. I love DIYs. Too bad u didn't get to rock the hair. It looked really great. Sowie about the accident with the hair.

  7. This is awesome - Wish I could do my hair myself

    1. Thanks doll. Its not really difficult, all you need is time and a good mirror :-)

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