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5 ways I use my conditioner

Hi there,
   One of the most important products I use on my hair is my conditioner. It softens and moisturises my hair but it can also serve other purposes as well. Here are 5 ways I put my conditioner to use.

As a Prepoo
 The process of shampooing can strip off much needed moisture from the hair leaving it brittle and damaged. This can be alleviated to some extent by prepping hair with either an oil, some conditioner or a mixture of both for some time before shampooing. I use my conditioner with one or two oils under a shower cap for upwards of 1 hour (most times overnight) before I shampoo.

As a Cleanser
Co-washing or conditioner washing is very popular with healthy hair lovers whether natural or relaxed. It involves using a conditioner rather than a shampoo to gently clean moderately dirty hair. I do this by saturating my hair with the conditioner and leaving it on for a few minutes. I then proceed to rinse it off under the shower while massaging my scalp to lift off the dirt . It leaves my hair soft and feeling clean. Not squeaky clean, just clean.

As a Deep Conditioner
I upgrade my conditioner once in a while to a deep conditioner to give my hair a hug and a kiss. I do this by adding whatever ingredients my hair needs at the moment (e.g. honey, olive oil, castor oil, eggs, palm oil, coconut oil etc. ) After mixing up my concoction I warm it up a bit and then apply. I cover it up with a shower cap and deep conditioning has commenced.

As a Detangler
 I use my conditioner to give my hair some slip while I finger detangle. After sectioning, I take just a little bit of the conditioner and rub it through my hair to lubricate it in preparation for finger detangling. The more slip the conditioner has, the easier it is to finger detangle. You can also use it as an ingredient in a Detangling Solution for really tangled hair that has to be combed.

As a Leave-in-Conditioner
I haven't tried this yet but I saw a recipe on YouTube that incorporates a regular conditioner into a leave-in-conditioner recipe. It has water as its base with a couple spoons of conditioner, oils, glycerine and Aloe Vera. I will try it and let you know how it turns out.

Thanks for stopping by.



  1. i do use the conditioner on my hair and leave it in, i mix with oil and styling geltho..
    nice tips

    1. Thanks doll and from what I see your hair is doing great ;-)

  2. Conditioner with as much concotion as possible is my normal recipe. Lol.
    Great tips.

    1. I feel you on that one. Thanks for stopping by :-)


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