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Detangling natural hair

Hi there,
   Tangles are every hair's worst nightmare and natural hair is especially notorious for having all manner of knots and tangles. Tangles are dangerous because they can severely damage hair, causing it to break off and if proper care is not taken can ensure your hair never gets to your desired length. Here is the best  method I have found for detangling my natural hair:

1.Part your hair in easy to comb sections.
2.Make a detangling solution.
3.Take one section of hair and spray the ends and then the body of the hair with the solution.
4.Run your hands through the hair several times to make sure it is thoroughly saturated with the solution.
5.Take your wide-tooth comb and then start slowly combing the hair starting from the ENDS. Never ever start from the roots. As you comb the hair out you will feel the tangles coming apart. If you encounter any resistance spray a little bit more and keep gently combing it ,moving up until you get to the roots. When you are done with that section twist it or braid it and then move to the next section.


1. Spray bottle(its easier to use)
2. Moisturising conditioner
3. Olive oil
4. Drinking water( Tap water has bacteria in it)
5. Glycerine  (optional)


Pour the water in a spray bottle(any one will do).The bottle  should be about half full.

 Add about 2 tablespoons of conditioner (not too much so the liquid isn't too thick)
I love this conditioner
Add about 20 drops of olive oil
Add 10 drops of glycerine (optional)

Shake the bottle thoroughly and its ready for use.

Detangling tips:
1. Do not try to force the tangles apart. If you encounter any tangles saturate with more solution ,gently massage and start combing again.
2.Do not rush. If you do you will inevitably damage your hair.
3.Never start from the roots. Always start at the ends and work your way up.
4.When you are detangling it is better to hold the hair at the middle and comb outward to ensure you don't pull out your hair from the roots or cause them to break.
5.You can use your fingers, a wide-tooth comb or a hair brush with widely spaced bristles to detangle. I prefer the wide-tooth comb though.


 Try this method out and experience the magic for yourself  ;-)



  1. Dis is nice. You are gradually becoming hair beautician. Nice tips

  2. KimB,
    Fantastic tip you have there.
    This is also good for hair taken out of braids esp the matted ones.

    1. Thanks Ruby,you are right about the matted hair.


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