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Hello guys,
  This post is actually a double treat for me because It's about 2 things I am crazy about - blogs and natural hair ;-) I think bloggers are amazing because they share so much of their life, experiences, advice and routines with the world for free. I know I am not alone when I say that I have learnt so much about life, beauty, hair, make-up, style and a lot more, just by reading blogs. Free education from the comfort of my home...nothing beats that! And from my blog name you already know  how I feel about natural hair ;-)) Mix up the 2 and this post was conceived.
  This is a list of 5 of my favourite Nigerian bloggers with natural hair. Mind you, they are not natural hair bloggers per se, they blog about a host of other things (with a sprinkling of hair stuff once in a while). Enjoy!

I love Sisi Yemmie! Her blog is one of my favourite Nigerian blogs. She blogs about EVERYTHING- Food, Places, Relationships, Hair, Technology, Fashion, you name it. And she does it in the funniest way you can imagine- with a lot of pidgin English thrown in. Did you ever have a friend from Warri in delta state? A fun-having, enjoyment-loving friend whose gist captivates you and prevents you from doing your chores?? Yep, that's Sisi Yemmie. Her style of writing is so fluent and descriptive, its almost as if you were there with her. She has the best reviews (in my opinion) of fun places to go/eat and takes absolutely gorgeous pictures. I live for her MONDAY CHIT-CHAT where she tells us boring folk what she was up to the past weekend.

Werking her TWA

Her Pineapple Fro

I stalk Fola's blog because she is really consistent and her content is really superb. She blogs about a host of things- Make-up, Hair, fashion, Books, Music, Healthy living and Fitness. If she were a spice girl she would have been Sporty Spice as she encourages healthy habits, exercise and clean eating. She has a lot of detailed hair and make-up product reviews. I really enjoy her hair crush features where she interviews natural and relaxed hair chicks. You never know what to expect at her blog because she keeps it varied.

Rocking her twist out
One of my best pictures of Fola

If she were a spice girl I think she would have been posh spice. I love her blog because its easy and laid back. She blogs about Make-up, food(she cooks well), hair, events, travel and a host of other fun stuff. She is the brain behind AJALI, a natural handmade cosmetics company whose products are getting rave reviews from bloggers. She is also the co-founder of  a textured hair extension company called NAZURI CURLS. She's awesome isn't she??? I met her at the recent NITC 8 meet-up and I was really impressed with her beauty and soft spokeness( Lol new word!)

Rocking her accessorised Fro

Super cute!

BARBARA1923 AKA Barbara "The Browz"
This gap toothed beauty is an advertising exec, make-up guru and vintage lover. She blogs about make-up, events and talks hair once in a while. She has the most perfect afro puffs. Her hair is so black and fluffy and her eyebrows.... Her eyebrows are to DIE, nay PERISH for. If you are into make-up you will love her blog. But be warned, her blog is guaranteed to cause eyebrow envy :-)

Fluffy Fro

Eyebrows of life!

As you may have guessed from her blog name, she is a fashion and style blogger. She blogs about clothes, fashion trends and every once in a while she shares scrumptious recipes. She is also an entrepreneur. She retails most of the clothes and shoes she models on her blog. If you are wondering about her nickname take a close look at her face. She's really cute right?

Werking her Fro hawk

Stylish naturalista

So there you have it, 5 absolutely gorgeous natural haired bloggers. I hope you visit their blogs and  get to love them as much as I do.

Thanks for stopping by..



  1. hahahaha i was hopimg to see you on the list really.. nice hair they all have

    1. Lol I'm not that conceited! Thanks fir stopping by hon:-)

  2. Awww, thanks so much for including me in this feature.
    Hian, this my brows go cause trouble o, lol.
    *hugs and kisses*, xoxo

    1. It was an absolute pleasure Barbara! Those browz.... sigh lol

  3. Love Ifeyinwa is awesome- What an eloquent, young and accomplished lady she is! I enjoy reading her blog and I wish she would blog more frequently!!!!

    1. My thoughts exactly. And she's even more impressive in person :-)

  4. These ladies are all gorgeous with their hair. Yours is beautiful too. I gave up my natural hair because of the time it takes in the morning to get it going and with 2 kids and an hour drive to work, I turned them to locs right away. Loving my locs so far.

    1. Thanks a lot bike, I agree its a lot of work especially when kids are involved. Keep loving your locs:-)

  5. They are beautiful

  6. Thanks for the feature dear. Great post.

    I respect the other ladies and think they are truly fab.

    1. You are welcome Ngozi. It was such a pleasure to feature you :-)

  7. I want to say WOW !
    For real ?
    I never knew natural hair can be this breathe taking !
    I came across your blog on Emeh's & was about to do little amebo by clicking you & girl,you zipped my lips for good.
    I raise my glass of expensive wine to you and all the beautiful ladies here.

    pls dear,I have long hair that is over-bleached,can i still make it look like theirs without having to cut and grow it from the root ?

    1. Lol! Thanks a lot dear, natural hair is the The thing with hair is that it cannot revert to its natural state if it has been chemically altered with a relaxer. If you want natural hair you will have to grow it out and cut off the relaxed ends. But if you just want healthier relaxed hair you need to do ALOT of deep conditioning. Get a product that is specifically made for damaged hair e.g. Natures gentle touch deep conditioner, Shea Moisture deep treatment masque etc. and then you have to pay close attention to your hair by putting it on a healthy hair regimen. I hope this helps :-)

  8. Oh yeah !
    Thanks so much sweetie from the bottom of my heart.I do really appreciate your help.Now let's get to making that hair work.

    1. You are welcome doll :-) Thanks for making me feel special.

  9. Thanks for showing me new awesome bloggers to check out!!

  10. thank you again for this feature!


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