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Hi guys,
     I was really happy to get my hands on this product because the original one is  my absolute favourite
leave-in. I figured since this one is from Cantu and had "Natural" on the label it would be a perfect for my hair. After months of praying and fasting(lol) I finally got it from Olori. Here's my honest review:

Meet the product:

Product claims:
 An intensive deep penetrating leave in cream conditioning treatment that is made with 100% pure Shea butter and other natural oils. When used daily it helps promote strong long healthy hair. Made with 100% pure shea butter and formulated without chemicals or harsh ingredients , Cantu for natural hair restores your real authentic beauty . Embrace our curly, kinky or wavy hair with Cantu for natural hair.

Water, Cetearyl Alcohol, Canola Oil, Stearalkonium Chloride, Diecetyldimonium Chloride , Glycerine, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) and a host of other tongue twisting ingredients.

 Apply to towel dried hair. Work a generous amount of product into hair beginning at the roots and working towards the ends. Comb through for even distribution. Do not rinse. Apply more to longer hair at the ends or problem areas. May also be used as a deep conditioning treatment by covering with a plastic cap overnight or as a daily frizz controller.

How I used product:
I used it on T-shirt dried hair, on dry hair, on damp hair that had been spritzed with water and glycerine and finally as a sealant.

 Here's my verdict:

The good:
 It has no mineral oil, sulfates, parabens, silicone, phthalates, gluten, paraffin , propylene, PABA or DEA. Its really thick and could be used as the cream in the LOC method after using a liquid leave in and sealing with an oil.

The bad:
It did not penetrate my hair strands at all. It sat on top of my hair like a king on his throne.
After several minutes of applying it to T-shirt dried hair.
 I couldn't believe it at first because I was like :
I thought you were for natural hair?
I felt it was too thick and not as moisturising as I would have liked. I tried it on dry, damp and moisturised hair and it was just the same :-(
My feelings towards this product


The Ugly:
It leaves white stuff on my hair. I reacts with Ecostyler gel in a not so cool way leaving some cotton like residue that drives me nuts (feels like I have powdered milk in my hair). In this era of shampooing once a month I don't have time for this kind of drama.
Then the size was a problem. A whole 118ml missing and for basically the same price? Haba..!

Now comes the scary part. I cannot find this product on the CantuBeauty( makers of Cantu Shea Butter range) website or anywhere else for that matter. No review no nothing. It's as if the product just fell from heaven. Pretty strange.

DarkChild rating : 3/10

I will definitely not repurchase this product. I will retry the original Cantu Leave-in and if it doesn't co-operate then I might have to move on from Cantu.



  1. Wow, at least you know that it won't be a re-purchase. Haha, at the size thing, these companies don't think people read the labels. Never tried it, and after your review, I probably will pass it by in the store.

    1. Definitely not a re-purchase. But remember what works for me may not work for you and what doesn't work for me may work for you. This is just my opinion. Who knows your hair might love it :-)

  2. You should bring this for swapping at the meet up!

    1. I wish I had thought of that, but I'm afraid its no longer "gently used". I was quite heavy handed with it in the last couple of days so its almost empty. I have other products to swap though...

  3. lol at your score. thanks for the review

    1. Lol Buiti, this is quite an improvement from the last one not so?

  4. "Do and finish you hear?" <- LOL! Pele. Precious money wasted.
    I love the Cantu Leave-In Repair Cream (the one that isn't specifically for natural hair) sha. It is moisturising for me, but doesn't give as much shine. Maybe you'd have better luck with that one :)

    1. As in WASTED money. I love the original Cantu, just thought this one would be better since it had natural tacked on. I am back to the original one though and I love it.

  5. Have you the cantu lotion for natural hair? I find it's pretty moisturising..

    1. No I haven't. I want to stay far away from the "natural" line from Cantu so I may never try it

  6. @do and finish, you hear. Lol

  7. I used their hair moisturizer and it was horrible,it. Was during the winter, the back of my hair chopped so badly I am transitioning. When ever I applied it my hair was dry as straw. Won't buy any of their products



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