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How to make Coconut oil

 Hi there,
   After reading about the goodness of coconut oil for my natural hair I decided to make my own :-)

Here we go:

6 mature coconuts

I broke them in pieces and removed the shell

I cut them into smaller pieces

Shredded them in a food processor

All shredded up

Blended in batches with warm water

Home made filter with a handkerchief and rope

Poured the blended mixture through the sieve and discarded the chaff

The coconut liquid! I put this bucket in a cool dark place for 36 hours

24 hours later

After 36 hours the mixture looked like this. Where is my oil??!!??

yuck! Thought the oil was supposed to be floating on top?

I scooped up the top layer and fried it under medium heat for 20 secs
The oil separated from the chaff

My oil!!!! with some chaff mixed in though

Brought out an old cleanser bottle and prepared to filter
voila!! my coconut oil :-)

Try it out for yourself !
(While I was waiting for my oil to set I did a hair mask with coconut milk, olive oil and some honey.
I'll let you know how that went later)
Have a fun-filled weekend !


  1. Hi very helpful blog you have here. As a natural hair sister I have realized that going the natural route helps you be very innovative, and it opens you up to a lot of knowledge about hair care. Visit my blog to read stories about my life in the US

  2. You are so right.Thanks for stopping by :-)

  3. wow that oil i see there is worth all the hardwork. better than all these oil we buy with claim of 100percent natural. keep on keeping on being a natural african

  4. Wow! Definitely trying this!

    I'll follow you, wanna follow back?

  5. Will try this this very weekend! Would save the water at the bottom for coconut rice (if it's still fresh after 3 days o)!

    1. lol, I cannot guarantee its freshness!!!! I was tempted but I overcame.

  6. Wow, u made your own oil yourself? I wish I could. At least you r sure its's 100% coconut oil. I like your blog. Been reading up all ur posts. How long have you been natural for? Wana follow each other?


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