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Patience is a virtue

Hi there,
    I'm one of the most impatient people I know! I'm the one who reads the end of a book when I feel the story is dragging on.Just so impatient! However I have come to realise that when you really get serious about your natural hair it is one quality you have a develop because you are GOING TO NEED IT!!

It takes patience to comb your hair gently so you don't break it.If you comb in a frenzy your hair will break and then you might not achieve your hair length/thickness/general coolness goals.

It takes patience to detangle your hair gently starting from the ends and slowly working your way upwards.

 It takes patience to wash your hair ,gently massaging your scalp rather than attacking the hair and clawing at it in your desperation to get it done with.

It takes patience to use an old t-shirt to soak up excess water from your freshly washed hair rather than using a towel to rough up and distress your poor strands in an attempt to get the job done faster.

It takes patience to air-dry your hair rather than using the highest setting on your blow dryer which will leave your hair brittle and eventually cause damage.

It takes patience to deep condition your hair, allowing the shower cap to stay on your head for upwards of 45 minutes just so you can reap the benefits. 

It takes patience to mix your oils for a prepoo hours before you are ready to shampoo to protect your hair from being stripped of much needed moisture as you wash.

It takes patience to watch you hair grow! Hair growth is the most hoped for thing in black hair care. It takes a lot of patience to wait for that 1/2 inch growth you get a month.

I'm still learning to cultivate the patience I need to do right by my hair.After I trimmed my hair last week I tried to do my much loved  afro puff and it didn't turn out like the one below:

Remember this look?

 I felt a little sad but then I saw this picture on a website and I got my smile back. It was a subtle reminder that patience is a virtue especially in my healthy hair journey.

It takes time but eventually you'll get there



  1. I soooo doubt I have dat sorta patience.
    I have loads of respect for you cos it really does take alotta of patience.
    That picture tho, just wondering how many years it wud tk to achieve that length.

    1. Lol.I'm learning to cultivate it.With proper growth retention you can get that length in 4 years.

  2. I think i v d patience jst dt i dnt knw d ryt things i can use to groom my hair

  3. That's good to know,patience will do you a lot of good.Kindly read my post on healthy hair checklist to find out what you need for your hair

  4. @ aghogho no need to wail.Just take care of ur hair n u'll see it groooow :-)

  5. I hope the oils and all wiill give me that extra curly look because it just looks like I have an over dew hair :(

  6. I use a mix of water and glycerin to make my curls soft n shiny.Try it :-)

  7. I think I'm more impatient than you are. I do length checks almost EVERYDAY whenever my hair is not in a protective style. My hair just seems not to be growing.

    1. Hon, a watched kettle never boils. Just free the hair and it will suprise you


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