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Healthy hair pratices

Hi there,
  As you embark on your healthy hair journey it is important to build and maintain a  good regimen. These are what a good regimen consists of:

Water or water based leave-in conditioners are the best way to get moisture into your hair.
You should moisturise daily or according to your hair needs.

This is when you apply a butter or oil to your already moisturised hair to prevent moisture loss. This is a very important step and should not be skipped. Oils like Castor, Olive ,Almond ,Coconut oil are great for sealing.

 A conditioner helps to restore moisture to hair and it improves the condition of the hair. This is a very important step in healthy hair care. You may condition your hair weekly after each shampoo (if you use shampoos) or just wash with it as explained below.

This is when you use a conditioner to wash your hair rather than a shampoo which can dry out your hair. This can be done as much as twice a week or weekly depending on your hair needs.

Deep condition
This is a more intense conditioning system and it works in conjunction with heat. The heat allows the ingredients penetrate the hair shaft. It is important to deep condition after you shampoo or once weekly.

This is a process of washing your hair to rid it of oils, dirt or product build up. Because shampoos can dry out your hair it is important not to use it often. There are sulphate shampoos(which dry out the hair and strips it of all oils leaving it prone to breakage) and sulphate free shampoos (which clean without drying out the hair completely)Most naturals shampoo their hair once a month to remove product build up while others do it bi-monthly, relying mostly on co-washing between shampooing

This is what you do to prepare your hair for shampooing. You coat your hair with oils or conditioner for upwards of 45 mins before you shampoo so that your hair is not dried out by the process. Any oil will do.

Hot oil treatments
This is when some oil is warmed up and applied to the scalp for upwards of 1hr.The oil can also be applied to the length of the hair and should be accompanied by a good massage. This treatment can condition/soften your hair, eliminate dandruff, strengthen your strands and promote hair growth. This can be done weekly just before a shampoo and can serve as a prepoo too.

Protective styling
This is important because the less you handle your hair the more length you'll retain. Styles like twists, cornrows, braids and buns are great as long as they are not done too tight. Wigs and weaves are also good but remember to moisturise your hair under them.

This should be done when needed to eliminate split ends, single strand knots and weak and damaged ends.

This list is by no means exhaustive. There are other healthy hair practices like henna treatments, steaming, protein treatments, mud/clay treatments, clarifying/chelating etc. but these ones I have listed above are the holy grail of healthy hair practices. Try to build a functional regimen that you can stick to.
Wishing you the best in your healthy hair journey.



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