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Hi guys,
   My wallet has been busy these past couple of weeks. First I went to the NITC8 meet-up and got some stuff and then Dabs over at SavvyandChic did a blogvessary sale which I was fortunate enough to take part in. Take at look at my haul:

Rhassoul Clay from KLS Naturals.N3500
I am eager to use this cleansing and deep conditioning clay mask for my hair and face.
Black Castor Oil from Sizzelle. N1900.
I was not too happy with the Black castor oil mixed with Lavender because I wanted the regular castor oil which I feel is more effective. I didn't really look at the bottle till I got home. I hope it works as well as the regular  dark one though.

Lip Balm from AJALI. N1000
I just had to buy something from Ifeyinwa and I settled for this since I already have body butters and hair oils.
Perm rods (N1050 @ N350 each) ,Cantu Leave-in (2100) & Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque (3200) from Olori.
I was so HAPPY to see my Boo Thang- Cantu Shea Butter leave-in! I was eager to retry it after my disastrous affair with the "Natural" leave-in. I grabbed it along with some perm rods to join the ones I already have. The deep treatments mask wasn't available at the meet-up but I paid for it and got it delivered for free first thing Monday morning.

Chocolate body scrub from Bubbles and Scents. N1600
 The lady at the stand had the happiest smile, I just had to buy something from her. I settled for this yummy body scrub.

Hair claws from FashionStrings. N500 for each pack.
I was really happy to see these hair claws that are great for sectioning hair.
Headband from FashionStrings. N500
I got it for free since my purchases were above N20o0.

Flexi Combs from FashionStrings N500.
This can be used for afro puffs.
Wired Headband from FashionStrings N1000.
The lady demonstrated how to use this headband, it was really cool.

Side Combs from FashionStrings.N500
This will be great for Fro hawks.

Hair Accessories from FashionStrings. N500 for the 2 packs.
To be honest I thought these purchases from FashionStrings were such a steal until I got home and the scales fell from my eyes. I don't know, but I think these things should have been a lot cheaper especially with the quality.

Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in from Savvyandchic.N1500 on sale
 I just had to get another one.

Grapeseed oil from Savvyandchic. N1500
 Been looking for this oil and I'm glad I got it on sale.

I even got free delivery.
That's all folks...Till next time :-)


  1. I really need some black castor oil, been meaning to get a bottle. You got some great sutff!

    onacruz blog

    1. Black castor oil is the truth. Thanks for stopping by :-)

  2. I got some stuff from Fashion Strings too and just blogged about it. Which ones do you think should have been cheaper? I wish I got more side combs though, I prefer them to the flexi ones.

    1. I prefer the side combs too, the flexi combs are a little rough around the teeth. I will have to file them down to avoid snags. I don't know but the metal head band and the wired headband could have been cheaper. I know I have seen a metal headband like that for N150 at Ikeja.

  3. Somebody sha like bye bye like me. lol
    I really like the way you take care of your hair

  4. Waoh! That's quite a lot.

    I don't think I've ever bought this much products at once.

    Nice haul #SilentlyBeefingYou

    1. Please don't beef me:-D I just couldn't help myself. No more buying till October.

  5. Lol Buiti, it's not my fault, I jes luurve my hair!

  6. Hayyy
    You went all out!!


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