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Hi guys,
   I finally got tagged for something *wide grin! I was tagged by the lovely Ifeyinwa of Love, Ifeyinwa  and I am really excited to  let you all know a little more about me.
Here we go:

1. I am a huge fan of SpongeBob Squarepants. Its my daily obsession.
2. I cant drink milk. I find it nauseating. I eat my cereal dry.
3. I am not a morning all. I do most of my chores at night so I can sleep in.
4. In spite of all that happened I still ADORE Chris Brown ;-) and I still have no love for Rihanna.
5.I talk to myself all the time and no I'm am not crazy. When I was a lot younger I got hurt by friends and I made myself my best friend. I actually have full length discussions about everything under the sun with myself.
6. I didn't feel anything when Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston died, but I cried when Muammar Gaddaffi was killed. I also cried for Paul Walker.
7. I hate travelling.
8. I am scared of airplanes. I have only travelled by air thrice and I prayed and cried throughout.
9. I am very impatient. I have been known to skip to the end of a book or film just to know what happened. That's why my favourite writer is Sidney Sheldon. No useless details, He goes straight to the point.
10. I am the only person I know who can watch a movie on replay everyday for days on end until I can replay every scene in my head and say the lines word for word. If I had a choice I would rather watch a movie I have seen before than one I haven't seen.
11. My favourite website is LISTVERSE!! I loose myself in there everyday.
12. I am a very picky eater and as a result I don't like trying new foods.
13. As you may have guessed I LOVE DIY.  If I could, I would make everything I use myself.
14. I am a very fast talker. I deliberately try to speak slower but its really hard.
15. I am hardly ever sick but I am highly susceptible to colds. If anyone has a cold in the same vicinity as me,best believe I'll be coughing by the next morning.
16. I am obsessed with hand washing. I wash my hands so much everyday that I loose count. Its no wonder my nails are brittle.
17. I don't really like fake nails and eyelashes.
18. You know how people line inside their lip(or is it lip line) to make it look smaller and when you see the pictures you can see the real line of the lip winking at you just around the lipstick/lip pencil? I really hate that! I cant explain it but it just seems so somehow. Is there a way to make the lip line less obvious?
19. I love to watch talent shows esp. X-factor and America's Got Talent.
20. For music, I really love groups and Collabos. I think its a double treat to get 2 or more voices and styles in one song. Some of my favourite collaborations are Mariah and Miguel's "Beautiful", Keri Hilson, Neyo & Kanye's "Knock you down" and Chris Brown and Jordin's "No air". My favourite groups of all time are Westlife, Backstreet Boys, Destiny's Child and Savage Garden (does a duo qualify as a group? I think so)

So there you have it, 20 random facts about me. I sincerely hope you are not weirded out by my revelations:-D

I would love to tag
Yours Truly



  1. You must be a very interesting character (In a nice way of course). Thanks for tagging me - I'm working on it and I will get back to you as soon as possible

  2. Thanks for accepting my tag, I am looking forward to reading your post :-) by interesting I know you mean weird lol

    1. You are welcome, hun. I wouldn't say weird, but, you are interesting. I have done the assignment you gave me - you can check my blog. Once again, thanks

    2. Lol, thanks alot, I'm hotfooting it there right now!

  3. Numbers 5, 9, 10 amd 13 are so me!!

  4. lolol thanks for the tag , i will sure do mine

  5. Thanks for the tag dear. Interesting questions. xxx

  6. You are wierd!
    We are different yet similar in more ways dan one.
    I'm gonna beef u on this count - you av no love for Rihanna. I would give u a chance to re-consider cos I really do like u. Lol

    1. Loool! I'm afraid there is no going back on the Rihanna matter. I absolutely DETEST (so strong a word but pardon me) her.

  7. Ermmmm, you cried for Ghadaffi? The man who was responsible for hundreds of deaths????
    I love to watch really good movies over and over again too and Gorgeousness always used to stare at me like an alien when I repeat movie conversations the early months we met!!! Now not so much hahaha even if its not in English. Was a huge fan of westlife and savage garden too.I care zilch for Chris and rihanna but kill anyone who bad mouths System Of A Down!!! I talk fast too!! My dad once asked me if I had a problem talking slowly. Great tagging!!!

    1. Thanks a lot. Yep I felt bad when Ghadaffi died. You cant help who you like ;-)

  8. I read these facts and i was seeing myself right here! I see like 12 facts about me right here! I read 10 and i laughed out really loud, you need to see me seeing a movie i have seen a thousand times like its my first time seeing it. Even books, i can read a book over and over again like the end will change lol. i will rather a book i have been told the story than the one i had no idea about

    1. 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 17, 18, 19, 20! lol

    2. Awesome!! I have my weird twinnie in you ;-)

  9. Hahahah I just found your blog from thekinkandi and this happened to be the first post I read. From the first point I was already like Yep, that's me. Maybe not obsessed but I love it. Lol. I am also with you on 2( I have it with cereal but any left over I can't drink. Just can't drink it alone), 12, 14 (my attempt to speak slowly comes off annoying according to my sister), 15 and 19!!!

    1. Ha ha! I'm not so weird anymore. Thanks for stopping by dumsy :-)


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