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My experience at the NITC8 Meet-up

Hi guys,
     Like I wished/hoped/prayed for, I was able to attend the Naturals In The City 8 meet-up that I blogged about here. I woke up that morning super excited and ready to spend my dough buying everything I could lay my hands on, but then the rains started. And would not stop. I was determined to attend so I braved the weather and headed out to the venue. I was supremely late because of prior commitments and the crazy traffic at Ajah (got there a few minutes past 5) but thankfully most of the vendors were still there. I met Ifeyinwa of  Love, ifeyinwa, Ebun of Africannaturalistas, Kemi Lewis of KLS naturals, NaturalNigerian and the lady behind Bubbles and Scents(can't remember her name).
    I shopped at KLS, Bubbles and Scents, Ajali, Olori, Sizzelle and Fashion Strings. I couldn't take many pictures because the rain kept pouring and you know how Blackberrys act all foolish once they get the tiniest drop of water in the wrong place. Anyhow here are the few pictures I could come up with:


Stepping out with my Umbrella  Ps.The rain water made my curls pop!
Soaking wet at FashionStrings' stand
Fashionstrings' Stand

Lugging my luggage at Olori's stand
The nice lady at Sahara Sunrise

My hairstyle for the event - A side braided fro ;-)

It was so much fun just being around the vendors and seeing hair products up close and personal. I left with a huge haul and a large hole in my wallet but with the widest smile on my face. Sign me up for the next one :-)

Thanks for stopping by...



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